Would appreciate general opinion about online Ph.D programs in educational leadership

Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by Tom729, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Tom729

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    Hello I am a new york resident, and I currently teach one of the tough inner city schools in my area. I hold a masters in secondary education and I am seriously committed to finding a Ph.D program in educational leadership. I am new to the world of online education. Every school that I have ever been to was brick and mortar. What attracts me to the online programs is convience and accelaration. I actually have two questions.

    My goal is to go into high school leadership capacity position or as a consultant to educators such as myself. I recognize that neither position requires a Ph.D but it is an endeavor that I wish to accomplish. That being said, from people's experience and knowledge of oline educational programs, will it matter greatly which RA school I attend.

    My concern is that all brick and mortor schools have a GRE requirement. I am also considering the online world beacuse many of the schools that I have been researching do not have that requirement. I am not trying to aviod the GRE out of laziness or because I am seeking the easy way out. The schools require competitive score on the math section. Being severely bad at math and not having taken any kind of math class in about ten years, it is completely out of reach for me. Some schools that I've looked at so far are

    Grand Canyon University
    Liberty University
    NorthCentral University

    Does anyone know anything about any of these programs? Northcentral basically told me that my admission is 100% certain as long as I show proof that I hold a masters. This makes me extremely skeptical about applying there.

    Thanks advice would be graetly appreciated. I apologize if similar questions have been asked a million times before.
  2. Tom729

    Tom729 New Member

    One other thing that I forgot to mention is that I am looking for a school with a per credit rate of 500-600

  3. Randell1234

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    Liberty has a religious slant. If you are ok with that it is a good school. I think you mean Walden (not Walton) - I know they are really expensive. I don't know much about GCU. I got my PhD from Northcentral. While it is 100% admissions, it is also 80%+ failure for the PhD program because (1) they allow 100% admissions and not everyone is ready for a difficult program and (2) it is not easy. I think the 100% admission is just greed but I will assume the others you listed take 100% of admissions as long as they have a masters.

    NCU was good since you work at your own pace, no residency, and ACBSP Business school accreditation. I only had one bad instructor but the admin side of the school was horrible. I hope it has gotten better since 2010.
  4. Tom729

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    Actually Walden is now a little cheaper than NCU They incorporate the cost of the books into the tuition.

    One thing I keep seeing when I read the reviews that NCU has gotten is that they have a tendency to keep raising the tuition.
  5. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    That is a shame, when I started (2004) it was $1400 per class. When I finished (2010) it was $2250.
  6. me again

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    If you're bright, self-motivated and inquisitive, then a 100% online PhD is for you. However, in retrospect, 100% online doctoral programs are not able to provide enough mentoring for aspiring doctoral students. Conversely, in-resident doctoral programs may not be much better since they have an average attrition rate of about 50%.
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  8. Kizmet

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    Keep in mind, you're going to need some hardcore stats coursework. If you can't do GRE level math then you're going to have to figure out how you're going to do doctoral level stats.
  9. Tom729

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    stats I'm ok with. The GRE entails mainly geometry and algebra
  10. major56

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    American College of Education:
    Online Masters of Education Degrees | American College of Education

    Ed.S. and Ed.D. programs

    • Tuition is $461 per semester credit hour.
    • Fees include technology fee of $20 per semester credit hour; application fee of $100; and program conferral fee of $150.

    M.Ed. in Educational Leadership: $7,995 (Total Cost): Tuition is $215 per semester credit hour
    Ed.S. in Leadership: $18,047 (Total Cost)
    Ed.D. in Leadership: $31,234 (Total Cost) w/grant: $21,234
    ** $10,000 grant available for online doctoral program—the $10,000 grant is being offered to students who enroll in and start the online Ed.D. in Leadership program by June 2, 2014.
  11. SteveFoerster

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    Note the American College of Education doesn't participate in Title IV, so no federal student loans are available. $21,234 is a low price for a regionally accredited doctorate, but it's not something everyone can finance on their own or pay out of pocket.
  12. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    Yeah, this is wierd for me because I don't see how you can do one with no problems but be helpless with the other. To me, you either understand numbers or you don't.
  13. Tom729

    Tom729 New Member

    That is true but students can take private loans
  14. Tom729

    Tom729 New Member

    Just thought I'd update everybody. I got into the Ed.D program for ACE. I am now taking the introductory class.
  15. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Good luck! Post from time to time to let us know how it goes? I don't think we've had anyone here go to ACE.

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