Worthless College Degrees and Worthwhile College degrees

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    Durbin, Harkin, and their ilk are blow hards that play on appeals to emotion and class envy to garner votes.

    When I was doing my BS and UoP many years ago, there were precious few online only options, especially that were accelerated and allowed me to graduate sometime before I was 40. If I were doing today what I did 10 years ago, I'd most likely opt for a Columbia College (MO) or something like that. But I didn't have that option at the time. That said, the tuition at UoP at the time was very similar to many of the brick/mortar schools in my area, including Penn State.

    Fast forward year later, and I'm doing UMass/Lowell for the MBA because the cost is very minimal compared to Phoenix. Not to mention the reputation of the school is much better and it's AACSB. So I'm not really sure nowadays why any reasonably informed student would take their education $ to a UoP...but that's just me.

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