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    Anybody know what happened to the Worldwide Church of God? Didn't they have a bible college at one time?

    I remember the founder, Herbert W. Armstrong, who died some years ago. One of his sons, Garner Ted Armstrong, used to be on TV as a spokesperson for the church. I seem to recall that GTA became dissassociated with his father and the institution at some point. Just curious where this story ends.

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    This denomination's journey is one of the most remarkable stories of the last decade within evangelicalism. Please read an updated history of the Worldwide Church of God at this link:

    Following the changes that this group has undergone, an undergraduate study center has been created at Azusa Pacific University for its theological students. In addition, I believe that several of its members have been going to places like Fuller to receive advanced theological training.
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    This was Ambassador College. Founded by the late Herbert W. Armstrong, and closed in the late nineties.

    Who can forget The Grand Fornicator, Garner Ted Armstrong!
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    Does anyone know if Ambassador College was ever accredited? It seems to me that at time the college never mentioned accreditation.
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    California approved.

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