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    Thinking of doing something fun maybe next summer. So why learn about the wine industry along with some tastings. Here is a certificate program offered by San Diego State University. I live less than a hour away from Temecula which is a premier wine region in Southern California. Any thoughts?
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    Ever heard of

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    Try the Callaway Winery. Founded (but no longer owned) by Eli Callaway, the same guy behind Callaway golf. The Callaway wines in stores are not from the same winery. We were members for several years.

    "They" told Ely he couldn't grow good chardonnay grapes in the dry heat of Temecula. "They" were wrong.
    If this is what you want to do for a living, I guess it is a good approach. They didn't have this at SDSU when I was an assistant professor there (1988-92). I would have liked to explore it.
  4. felderga

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    I just went to Callaway winery at the of July and had a blast. I'm not looking for this as living but more a hobby as I always wanted to learn more but in a more formal approach. UCLA Extension had a similar program but since SDSU is attached to Temecula's wine country thought this might be fun. I might not complete the entire program I I take the plunge but who knows.

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