Why No NA PhDs?

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  1. I found a few TRACS programs and one ABHE.
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  3. Rich Douglas

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    Which institutions are those?

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    Have been intermittently crawling down a curious rabbit hole this evening... the primary DEAC university that I was thinking of, the PhD was reportedly issued just prior to them obtaining DEAC accreditation.

    I've gone down the rabbit hole and am finding an individual in particular who stated that they graduated from their PhD program in 98, just prior to obtaining DEAC accreditation in 2001. Interesting enough, they said they started attending CSU in 91. Robert Mayes was providing distance education environmental and safety compliance training for a few years before founding CSU in 93, their own history page shows that they initially started working on putting together bachelor degrees in those fields and had a long term goal of eventual obtaining accreditation. Now I'm fascinated on if they were either selling unaccredited PhDs during their boot strap years or perhaps rewarded them to contractors for building their initial courses. Who knows.
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    Argh… the rabbit hole… can someone really have a quadfecta? Associates, bachelor, masters, and doctoral degrees; all… questionable?
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    What, no EdS?
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    There are many examples of schools issuing PhD degrees prior to DEAC accreditation. This has been quite common. I would imagine some of their PhD candidates rushed to complete them prior to them being eliminated.
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    Depends your definition of "questionable," I guess.
  9. Lolz. That is a surprisingly pretentious comment. Having actually read Smith's text, I am well aware that she argues against the bifurcation you claim is scientific (p. 6ff). Whereas she notes generally tendencies and mild distinctions, she is reticent to make that jump. Anyone can make pretentious mischaracterizations of an author to buttress his or her opinion. It's transparent and tiresome.
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    Looks like you get the last word!
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    Actually, you just did :)
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    Student: Master? What is the perfect question
    Guru: That is.
    Student: Then what is the perfect answer?
    Guru: This is.
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    I believe you. Programs come and go and not all are captured by archives. For instance, Northcentral used to offer a PhD with either a major or minor in Behavioral Medicine. I don't believe those specializations were offered for long and they can't be found anymore.

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