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    Yes, Steve - that IS all we're talking. Incorporated in Dominica, nothing more. Not surprised you've never heard of it - I figure the campus exists somewhere in Roseau in a lawyer's file cabinet - maybe 8 Copthall, I dunno. If you DO want to know more (and why should you, really?) we have a thread named after the thing.
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    Update - since we're talking VAE I should say - contrary to popular (and my) belief, VAE itself is restricted to qualifications - not academic degrees. It excludes restricted fields e,g, nursing and other health care and issues qualifications of types listed in the national directory of qualifications. There is a separate "wing" of VAE called VES that handles academic awards - e.g. degrees. It facilitates the award of part or all of a diploma/degree for those who have already earned other awards - in France or elsewhere - as long as they have been completely validated. VES appears on the VAE site.

    Validation des études supérieures

    Validation des études supérieures (VES)

    Dispositif permettant l’obtention de tout ou partie d’un diplôme de l’enseignement supérieur grâce aux diplômes déjà obtenus en France ou à l’étranger à condition qu’ils soient entièrement validés.
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    So - (real) VAE = qualification award based on prior learning at work. VES = academic award / credit based on prior academic study.
    Today - I learned.
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