Which tech companies are doing layoffs and why?

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    Which tech companies are doing layoffs?

    While last year's labor market was remarkably strong, the tech industry was an exception.

    After a massive hiring spree in the first two years of the pandemic, industry giants like Amazon and Meta reversed course in 2022. There were at least 154,000 layoffs from more than 1,000 tech companies last year, according to Layoffs.fyi, a website that has been tracking tech layoffs since March 2020.

    The website's tallies – which are likely an undercount – have continued at a fast clip in 2023, with more than 26,000 layoffs recorded so far this year.

    "The number of actual layoffs is going to be much higher than what's on the site just because most layoffs don't get reported," Layoffs.fyi creator Roger Lee told USA TODAY. "Unfortunately, I don't see the layoffs going away anytime soon."

    • Meta: 11,000.
    • Amazon: 10,000.
    • Cisco: 4,100.
    • Carvana: 4,000.
    • Twitter: 3,700.
    Google layoffs:Google to lay off 12,000 employees, the latest tech giant to cut thousands of jobs

    Layoffs.fyi data shows the U.S. tech companies that trimmed the most jobs last year include:

    Why are there so many layoffs right now?
    Lockdowns had a major effect on consumer spending. Experiences like travel or restaurants were largely off the table, so people began to shift their discretionary spending to products from tech companies like Amazon and Peloton.
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    A Google software engineer says it was a 'slap in the face' to find out he was laid off via email after 20 years at the company

      • Jeremy Joslin, a 20-year Google engineer, says being laid off via email was a "slap in the face."
      • "It's as if I dropped off the grid and they have to piece together any knowledge I took with me," he added.
      • Other ex-Googlers have criticized the abrupt and impersonal nature of their terminations.

    An engineer laid off after over 16 years at Google said 'faceless' tech giants see staff as '100% disposable'
    The layoffs impacted workers across the company, including some on seven-figure salaries, those with high-performance reviews, and some in managerial positions, The Information reported.
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    Wow. There's a least-bad way to do layoffs, and this isn't it.
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    I can be wrong but some of the people who got terminated /downsized basically told that the managers that used to care about them were mostly Americans who grew up in the US but when the management changed to be more diverse and many top managers who grew up in other countries such as India so its when they felt they are no longer treated as in the past but more like how workers treated in India and similar countries the atmosphere was no longer friendly and some even say hostile.

    I never made the connection and didn't check beyond what friends are saying.

    Just another big company'
    An engineer on the West Coast who's been with Google for more than 10 years told Insider surviving staff were "angry and sad."

    "We truly did believe that Google was something different," he said. He spoke on condition of anonymity to protect his employment but his identity is known to Insider.

    "This is just another big company," he said. "Now, anything that used to feel special or like you really were a part of a mission — not just a big money-making machine — that feeling is I think gone."

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