Which kind of degree is good for a job in maintaining computers at a facility?

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    There are so many kinds of computer degrees, such as IT, CIS, CS, it is confusing. My workplace has some workers whose job is to make sure the computers are running. They setup people's accounts, and put new hardware in the buildings. When people put in help tickets, they come by to solve the problems, such as setting up software, or replacing printers. They keep everything up-to-date and probably do lots of other work behind the scenes maintaining the network. Which kind of degree would be most suited to this kind of work?
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    IT, CIS, or information systems would be more appropriate for this than computer science, although to be honest this is the sort of thing one best learns to do well through experience.
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    I have a full time job and am trying to make a career change, so can't go through living on a low salary as an intern. Is there a way I can build the experience at home, e.g. buying a managed switch and connecting it to several old computers, for learning?

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    I agree with Steve, but a Computer Science would provide you with better future opportunities. The IT fields requires more than 60% of experiences, maybe 15% to 20% on industrial IT certifications. A college degree just more like a check-mark in your job application. However, with experiences, IT certifications, and college degrees would give you a golden ticket in the IT career.
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