Which degree for part-time jobs?

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    I mentor a number of students at a seminary who often look for part-time jobs while serving churches that cannot support them full-time. Also, several of my seminary students want to work in areas of "ministry" that are not directly connected to a church (like community development in poorer areas).

    Can you suggest some good degrees that they might pursue on the undergrad or masters level where they could find ready part-time employment, or even full-time? The degrees do not have to necessarily related to ministry, but can be related to any secular field of jobs. The idea is to perhaps suggest to them another field of study (based on some scholarship money) where they can get further training and support themselves.

  2. Ian Anderson

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    A lot depends on what jobs are available in your community. There is a wide variety of degrees that would meet your needs – however the choice for each individual would depend on his/her abilities.
    I would think any of the following areas would be good for both part time and later full time work:
    • Paralegal
    • Public Administration
    • Business Studies
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    Seriously. If these guys/gals are currently in seminary, and also serving their churches part time, should they really be ALSO earning another degree in addition to all that?

    There's nothing wrong with part-time retail, secretarial, etc work, and that doesn't require more time & money spent on earning another degree/credential.
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    How about taking courses in the medical field? Often one can complete medical billing, medical office, and medical terminology courses from their local community college and often in the continuing education department, quite cheaply. I am sure they can find part time jobs in areas such as patient representatives, billing, claims, etc..I know that I often see such jobs advertised locally here and often no degree is required, just training.

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