Where some celebrities went to college!

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    I couldn't agree more. I only mentioned his name because I find it quite amusing that Merkel of all people attended Karl Marx University. On the other hand, it was the most prestigious university in East Germany.

    By the way, Merkel is said to have only gotten a bad grade once during her doctoral studies. According to the regulations at that time, the application for a doctorate had to include proof that the knowledge of "Marxism-Leninism" acquired during the course had been significantly deepened and expanded. To prove this, Merkel prepared a written work entitled "What is a socialist way of life?", which was graded “sufficient” - the lowest passing grade.
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    I congratulate and admire Angela Merkel. Her performance on this - exactly as much Marxism as required by regulations, not a speck more or less - was an admirable show of restraint, in a very difficult situation. A well-earned degree, in more than one way.
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