Where Is National Accreditation Unrecognized?

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    Since it seems to come up from time to time, it would be helpful to have a list here on which countries do not recognize credentials from schools that have national accreditation in the U.S.

    I'll start, because I remember that the UK higher education system does not recognize NA. Where else?
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    In Slovakia (where I live) it seems that NA degree is not an issue insofar it does not states that the program was completed online. It seems to me (I may be wrong though) that the body charged with verifying foreign degrees (see link: https://www.minedu.sk/recognition-of-foreign-diplomas/ ) and making evaluation does not know the difference between NA and RA accreditation.

    What I have seen become a 'problem" here is when one presents a degree that was earned online or from unaccredited institution. The state seems to have a strict policy on online degree. I have not seen it written anywhere but I feel it everywhere. Recognition of diplomas of higher education - Slovenská technická univerzita v Bratislave

    As long as one is able to translate one's foreign degree from English (or whatever language other than Slovak) to Slovak and present notarized copies attesting to the authenticity of the document and also that the school is accredited (this can be done by the embassy of Slovakia in US for example) to the state here, one is likely to get it accepted... Of course, one's degree must be mute regarding how it was earned otherwise, it will be turned down.
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    Hasn't it been discussed on this forum that the recognition of NA accreditation in the UK lies with the receiving institution where one is applying to...?
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    I understand that NA degrees may not be recognized in Germany. For example, the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut offers the following advice to German students who are interested in studying in the US:

    Incidentally, DAI also cautions German students about non-AACSB business programs in the US:

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