Where can I find a good online English Education or Computer Science degree?

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  1. I have been comparing and contrasting online schools and there are so many choices. I want to further my education and do it online.
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    That would depend on if you have any previous college credits or are starting from scratch.

    There are different options based upon where you are credit wise in this equation. These are two degree fields with a fair amount of options.
  3. Might as well say I am starting from scratch. The only other education outside high school would be certificates from the Christian Leadership Institute and a certificate in digital marketing from Google (I will say the digital marketing course was of quality).
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    what's the definition of 'good' here ?

    a top ranked school ?

    a 'cheap' program ?

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    I assume you are looking for undergraduate program. Highly recommend University of London's Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (~$20,000.oo) via CourseRA.Org
    URL: https://www.coursera.org/degrees/bachelor-of-science-computer-science-london?
    Other top 3 schools offers undergraduate in Computer Science.

    1. University of Florida
    2. Oregon State University
    3. Florida State University

    URL: https://thebestschools.org/rankings/best-online-bachelors-computer-science/

    Western Governor University also offer Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with fulfill courses from StraighterLine.Com courses.
    URL: https://www.straighterline.com/colleges/wgu-college-of-information-technology/course-equivalency/

    University of the People offers Bachelor of Science in Computer Science for free tuition(administrative fees and exams fees are applied)
    URL: https://www.uopeople.edu/programs/cs/degrees/computer-science-bachelor-degree-2/
  6. Affordable would be good and I want something of good quality.
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    Penn State and Arizona State both offer a BS in Software Engineering that's online

    Auburn offers a 60 credit BS. in Computer Science program (you'll need to finish your first 2 years Gen Ed)

    Not CS but something close from top ranked schools -

    University of Virginia offers a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies (You can focus in IT)

    Washington University in St Louis offers a BS in Integrated Studies (You can focus in Computer and Information Mgt)

    and lastly, there's the hybrid option of a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts (majoring in Software Engineering) from Harvard Extension

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    Without knowing your state of residency; it is hard to determine which one is affordable for you. For example, currently, the University of Florida is a top good reputation school is offering Bachelor of Science in Computer Science online. The in-state tuition is affordable with $129.18 per credit include fees; while non-resident tuition is $ 552.62 per credit include fees.
  9. I live in Michigan.
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    Regarding the op's question re English degrees, there are many choices and unless you're going to Harvard it's unlikely to matter much where you go. Many English majors become teachers and I'm not sure that a high priced degree makes you more marketable. In any case. if it is your hope to enroll in a single online program and take courses straight through for four years to earn a Bachelors then you might want to consider LSU-Alexandria

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    I do find it peculiar that your education interests are on 2 completely different ends of the spectrum.

    Without knowing your situation completely, my recommendation is based off of a bunch of assumptions.

    Check to see how many CLEP credits your local community college will accept, my guess is that it’s anywhere 15-30 credits.

    Get the degree plan for which ever program you decide from the local CC and take as many CLEPs that match up.

    I’d start taking CLEPs first, then decide if you want to attempt to get an AA/AS from the local CC.
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    If English, undergrad, online and good is the criteria, then in my opinion you have (3) real choices:

    1. Upenn Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree
    2. The University of Iowa Bachelors of Liberal Studies Degree
    3. Harvard Extension Bachelors of Liberal Arts Degree

    For Computer Science?

    I'm not 100% sure. But if I wanted to go that route I'll probably just get the quickest Bachelors possible in anything, self teach myself the concepts of Computer Science and network within my community.

    Both English and Computer Science seem to be at the opposite spectrum of each other. So you won't find many "good" universities that have programs in both. They either focus on one or the other.

    You might need to decide on what you really want to do, then begin your research on how to get there.
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    I forgot to mention that with the 3 programs above you’ll have to structure your own English program from their course catalog or let them know of your plans so they can structure it for you.
  15. This information is helpful. Thanks.

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