Where are the cheapest math courses?

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    I am working on a math teaching license. I took college math courses years ago, but I need courses to refresh my memory. If possible, I'd like to earn college credits for the studies, but I'm also willing to try some other paid classes that don't count towards credits, but which would help me to master the material.

    I'm trying to find a school that has a lot of math courses that can be taken in sequence. Courses like geometry, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus. The courses can be general or specific to majors, such as "Math for Teachers" or "Math for Engineers".

    I can only budget $300 per course.
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    MathHelp.com's College Algebra course, which features over 100 complete lessons with videos, practice, self-tests, and more.
    200 USD a year.

    Also a lot of good free classes on YOUTube and other Course-ware.
    You can test out take ECE or TESU etc exams to earn credit.

    Calculus I - Lecture 01 - A Review of Pre-Calculus

    If you prefer top tier school lecture:
    Here is MIT Calculus 1:

    Study.com offers free online learning with short, engaging video lessons and self-assessment quizzes available to registered members. Study.com also offers free transcripts for its video lessons. Both of these options can lead to college credit. Students interested in math can check out the Math 102: College Math course and find lessons on these topics and more.
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