When RA Universities become Diploma Mills

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  1. Then, when I get the undergrad degree in “4 to 6 weeks” I can send a good contribution to a RA university, and then, they award me a Doctorate (h.c.).

    Just remember Central Ohio State University for honoring Mike Tyson with a Doctorate in Humane Letters. (Maybe is a mistake, I think that was a Doctorate in Ear Surgery)

    Therefore, if Tyson can do it, because he has the merits and the knowledge; all of us can do that.

    And the best of all, they are RA.:D
  2. Jack Tracey

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    You are a troll. You are chaff. You are a sad, insecure person.
  3. Bill Huffman

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    The bad Dr. Latin Juris is a self proclaimed troll that likes making posts that insinuate lies and insults when they don't contain blatant lies and insults. He frequently posts in riddles and gibberish that can't be clearly deciphered. He is not here to communicate or learn. He is here to troll. He has shown himself to be dishonorable and a supporter of academic fraud.
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  4. If a human being acquire a degree in a State Approved school (California State Approved) in 1 or two year is a dreadful achievement, according with someone’s. However, if a individual gets a degree in 4 to 6 weeks in a RA university, that is passable.

    Come on, make somebody's day? A RA degree in 4 to 6 weeks ?

    In addition, a Doctorate (h.c.) to Mike Tyson? That is real trolling and millish.

    Nevertheless, if you no desire to see that, is acceptable, some RA will continued to sell (h.c.) doctorates with great immunity.

    In the case of the name of the university. It is understandable that I cannot say the name; we are in the period of the suing for everything. (I see that on a daily basis).:D
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  5. uncle janko

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    We knew that. Take your time.
  6. Deb

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    Wow, what BS!

    Bill is right, talking to this person is a waste of time.
  7. aic712

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    4-6 weeks is faster than you think about what?

    How to spew more ambiguous nonsense?

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