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  1. Bill Grover

    Bill Grover New Member

    Perhaps some reader is like I was a year ago , unaware that GAAP docs exist for about $2000. But it's true.

    Ten months ago I signed up for the Unizul DTh program.(the school offers docs in other areas). The first year's fees/tuition were about $1000. I received notice today that the second payment is due in June of under $1000. While it will take me into a third year to be done, no more tuition will be due..only enrollmement fee!

    Now I know Unizul is not the University of London. I know that on the virtue of that degree alone I would not likely be hired ,were that even my hope, by Westminster to teach. But the degree is credible and honest as Unizul is a University of the South African educational arm of the government along with Unisa, Potch and the dozen or more others.

    Given the high cost of education elsewhere , I can only say thankfully, "whattadeal"!
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  2. roysavia

    roysavia New Member

    I decided to pursue my doctorate with UNISA for the same reason. My tuition is $900.00 (U.S.) per year. Had I pursued my DL doctorate with Leeds, Manchester, London or Liecester my tuition would have been $6,500.00 per year.
    The entire program (over 5 years) will end up costing me approximately $6,000.00. Where else can you find an internationally recognized PhD program for that fee!
    Best of luck in your studies.
  3. Bill Grover

    Bill Grover New Member

    "Luck" (an offensive word to us Calvinists:D ) to you too Roy. I learned of this opportunity thru this very forum. At the time I was sending tuition of thousands of dollars to my almost alma mater Trinity of Indiana!

  4. drewdarnell

    drewdarnell Member

    Lucky BIll

    Bill, that is offensive isn't it? :D :D :D :D

    i have a friend that used to get so upset everytime he heard it. I just laugh. Although he and I have the same theological viewpoints, I guess I am not so easily upset. For example, I actually told someone good luck yesterday. Now do I believe in luck? Absolutely NOT!! Did I believe that in some way that she would have fortune by chance? Absolutely NOT! God is still in control. ;) BUT I meant (Probably should have said) that the person have a good time and success with her endeavor. Oh how being a Calvinist will alter your use words. :)

    UNIZUL and UNISA are great options. Too bad some people would rather go with a mill than a genuine opportunity.

    Roy and Bill - may God bless your studies.

    Have a Great day in the LORD!!!

  5. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Perhaps luck has nothing to do with superstition, the supernatural, pre-ordination, or religion. Perhaps the term "luck" describes a positive outcome occuring despite probabilities to the contrary. "Luck" is rolling an 11 to land on Boardwalk when it is unowned.

    Of course, "luck" can work in the other direction. My friend, Mick, was drafted (bad luck). At his induction, he was in a room of about 25 inductees when a Marine recruiter walked in and announced that two of them would be going into the Marines instead of the Army. He pointed out two at random. Mick spent two years in the Corps, almost all of it in 'Nam. More bad luck. (Or maybe God did it? ;) )
  6. Bill Grover

    Bill Grover New Member

    Re: Lucky BIll


    Thanks Drew.

    My MA in Theology is from the Arminian school Point Loma. Before tests all the profs would wish us "Good Luck." So I am used to such misconceptions, and that's lucky:D cause now I can excuse Russell for his inept doctrine:cool:
  7. drewdarnell

    drewdarnell Member

    Totally understandable. :D


    Is UNIZUL reformed whatsoever? How does that work for you?

    By His Grace, and For HIS GLORY

  8. roysavia

    roysavia New Member

    Thanks Drew!:D
  9. MarkIsrael@aol.com

    [email protected] New Member

    Again, why do you people have to pay your own way through grad school? Is there no professor willing to be your supervisor and to pay you out of his grant?

    Or is the problem that you must do the degree by distance learning?
  10. roysavia

    roysavia New Member

    Re: Re: Whattadeal!

    I want to do mine by DL. I am a housing consultant for the federal government. If I give up my job to take up residency in a traditional school, I'll never recoup my losses (even if I receive a position as a professor at a prestigious university).
  11. shabs

    shabs New Member

    "the Liverpool thing"

    So was I, though I was 000's miles away from Indiana!!!, The fact is "the Liverpool thing" got me hooked in, and as a result I attended some residential seminars too, which means extra $100's on top of the normal "tuition" fees.

    Thought it's about time i come clean!! (or is it to come out???)

    Regards, Shabs
  12. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Azaliah University: is there new information?

    The fact of this South African university buying the dreadful Eastern American University in New Mexico, briefly gaining DETC accreditation, then fading away, has been discussed here.

    In the last few weeks, I've gotten two tear-stained letters from Azaliah students with the same story: they completed their Ph.D. studies under the supervision of a properly-credentialed US mentor, all payments and materials sent to South Africa, degree never awarded, inquiries never answered.

    The Mentor in question says he has been trying for six months to get some action. Apparently there are quite a few more students in a comparable situation.

    Has Azailah gone entirely? Or do they still operate in South Africa (perhaps under a different name)? And what, one wonders, is DETC's position on this mess?
  13. tcnixon

    tcnixon Active Member

    Re: Re: Whattadeal!

    I suppose it depends on your field of study. While some areas (the sciences) seem to get grant money in buckets, others get little or none.

    If you want a Ph.D. in linguistics, for example, what little grant money is available is not going to pay for very many T.A.s (with a few notable exceptions - I had a friend get a full ride at Stanford in linguistics).

    Most folks around here have already made/are in the processing of making a distance learning choice (for varying reasons). This makes finding that professor all the more difficult.

    Tom Nixon
  14. borisdarling

    borisdarling member


    It's perhaps worth recalling that in the last Dept of Commerce/Dept of Labor job projection study, eight of the top then career fields had the words "computer" or "network" in them.
  15. Bill Grover

    Bill Grover New Member

    Re: Re: Whattadeal!


    In my case I'm unaware of any application of such a grant in Theology.

    As for doing it DL, I believe that some of the top notch UK, Aussie, and SA doc Theology programs are by DL in total or much in part. There are many theology profs with such DL docs! But no USA RA school offers the PhD without some residency.

    I got my MA, MDiv Equivalency, and ThM (a four year masters) all B/M RA. Since I will be 65 (my target age for completion) the Unizul degree is not the basis on which I intend to build a career. I mostly do this JUST for me.
  16. Bill Grover

    Bill Grover New Member


    Is UNIZUL reformed whatsoever? How does that work for you?



    As you know Unizul is a state university so not denominational. As to the persuasion of the faculty I get the feeling it is Baptistic. Of course the thesis committee includes profs from two other schools.

    My dissertation will transcend denominationalism as I don't care who I disagree with.

    I have a DTS PhD guy here in Oregon who reads my chapters and who assures me the issue is how well one defends the thesis not whether creedal adherence is made. That's good cause I'm stomping on both Nicaea and the Westminster Confession!
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  17. oxpecker

    oxpecker New Member

    Re: Azaliah University: is there new information?

    Let's be clear: Azaliah was never a South African university.
  18. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Right. I can find no current trace of Azaliah. Universities in SA are state-run, which Azaliah was not. You'd have to be bosbefok to tar real SA universities with the Azaliah brush--almost as wrongheaded, if not as wronghearted, as associating Cuttington with St Regis under a Liberian rubric.
  19. Bill Grover

    Bill Grover New Member



    Your words are worth a thousand pictures.
  20. oxpecker

    oxpecker New Member

    State-subsidized and state-authorized (by Act of Parliament, and formerly by Royal Charter) but not really state-run. But OK.

    Azaliah was a South African company that purchased a U.S. degree mill, which they renamed "Azaliah University." There never was an "Azaliah University" in South Africa.

    The people who completed PhD work (as mentioned in John's post) are out of luck. Azaliah's DETC accreditation in the U.S. would not have covered PhD degrees. And Azaliah was never registered to award PhD degrees in South Africa. So under what authority could these people be awarded PhD degrees -- even if Azaliah still existed?

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