What Spaniards think of the Titulo Propio

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    Yeah they have already stopped promoting MCA but when you actually go to the validation of MCA page the price is in the 300s now when it was in the 200s just a couple of weeks ago. I went to their Facebook page and they are now promoting validation with the Hague Apostille. All that does is make the documents official, nothing more. This will work with 3rd world countries but will not benefit the US. They also claim that they have received good feedback about the MCA validation program which to me suggests maybe it doesn't matter about accreditation and WES evaluation of Masters from a non-accredited institution would be better to present than the MCA document.
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    The MCA document is worthless in the United States without a transcript.
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    So... different evaluators have different opinions? Who knew! ;)
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    Yeah and while we can bang our head against the wall because of the differences, we should realize that if they all had the same results then we should have one evaluation company. The fact they have different results is a good thing because we can shop around for more options for those who need or want it done.
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    Azteca University is a partner with the CIAC accreditation which means that the MCA (Humboldt International University) Validation of ENEB will be seen by them as a valid propio degree which will likely then result in the UCN validation for official recognition of the ENEB with regional accreditation coming from UCN. However, since the Universidad Isabel I already certifies ENEB as a propio, one could just go straight to UCN and have them validate the degree. Thus, there is still no point for the MCA Validation.
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    It appears that MCA is only registered as a business in Florida and has no official standing as a school there so that's another knock on them.
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