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    I personally spoke with a senior member of the Oregon Education Office the other day he told me they were going to change their reference to Degree or Diploma Mills in the near future on their website. AEI-WIDU is a not a part of Saint Regis, Monroe University or Robertstown or the same accrediting organization. By the way, their founder, Professor Eduard Evreinov is from Russia, but is not a part of the educational entity referred to in Russia. No names mentioned here.

    I am not saying that they don't have some educational institution affiliations that are not recognized as GAAP, but their degrees are recognized by several Ministries of Education, and that makes degree holders of AEI-WIDU probably eligible of receiving a favorable credential evaluation and not from an evaluation mill either.

    Please do a Google search for European Academy of Informatization and World Information Distributed University and note the recognition they have established. Note the distinguished members of their community. Please look at most of the agreements they have signed on the following websites, including those by the Ministries of Education in Armenia, San Marino, Tatarstan, and Mongolia.


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    Um-hmm. And did he tell you that they had any reason to revise their views of WIDU or its department, WCU?

    Look, all anyone needs to know about WIDU is that it has an interlocking relationship with West Coast University: Eduard Evreinov sits on the WCU management team.
    The head of WCU, Sir Doctor Safraz Lloyd, WIDU Grand PhD and Knight of Seborga is head of the WCU department of WINTU.

    See the attached PDF file for a Perth Sunday Times account of Sir Dr. Lloyd's risible adventures with the Australian avatar of his degree mill.

    If WIDU will endorse WCU, nay, incorporate it as a department, they'll endorse anything. To say that WCU is not recognized as GAAP is like saying "Some churches still do not accept the canonization of Jesse James."

    If they'll give Sir Dr. Lloyd a Grand PhD, they'll give one to anybody.

    (Actually, WIDU could run a profitable side business threatening to bestow Grand PhD's upon legitimate academics unless they came up with the so-called protection money.)

    I'm sorry, but it's very hard for me to believe that this preposterous front put up by WIDU has actually taken you in. I'll try.
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    The plot thins

    Yes, or even by a real one, but they shouldn't make a habit of it.

    As I noted above, on this thread's first go-round, Sir Dr. Lloyd got his first doctorate from The International Institute (TIU) in Missouri, which has put them on notice to get certified or shut down.

    Now we turn to the WIDU "Latest News" page http://www.widu.us/latest_news and we find. . . well, what do you know, it's Dr. Stephen Barnhardt, the Chancellor of TIU (and Vice President of the International Homeland Security Defense Coalition) getting his "scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy and Grand Doctor of Philosophy (the highest in the world) and the Title of Full Professor from the European Academy of Informatization."

    Way to go Steve!

    (Steve's also the President, Chancellor, and Founder of Grandview International University and the College of Security, Technology, and Management. Do not miss this http://www.tiu.org/dir.htm , especially Col. Mortimer.)

    Wait, who's that over there? Why it's "Christopher R. CAMPBELL, the Vice Chancellor of Grandview International University (GIU)." And what's he doing? Why, bless me, he too is receiving his "scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy and Grand Doctor of Philosophy (the highest in the world) and the Title of Full Professor from the European Academy of Informatization."

    So much grandeur in such a small space.

    And in earlier news, http://www.widu.us/news ,"Academician Prof. Emeritus Dr. Deric N. Bircham, Chief Atunluse & Royal Prince of The Kingdom of Ogba is awarded the scientific degree of Grand Doctor of Science from the European the [sic] Academy of Informatization and World Information Distributed University in November 2005.This is the highest degree in the world."

    It is? But I thought . . . .

    Deric is also a Director of WIDU's Global Education System, and Presidents of the Bircham Institute of Education [very well-disciplined student body there, I bet] and Bircham International University, as well as International Chairman of the International Institute of Mental Arithmetic. And much more.

    Deric's joy may be somewhat tempered by the knowledge that his International University too appears as a Degree Mill on OSAC's pages, but cheer up, Deric, we have it on good authority that all this will soon be changed.

    Sigh. This would be a lot more fun if I were just making it up.
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    I already expressed my opinion. Here it is: EAI/WIDU seems to be nothing more than yet another Russian vanity "academy". It might have a decent number of legitimate (if misguided) educators, but this fact does not make their documents any more legitimate. Actually, they are not the most legitimate even amongst vanity academies: some of their practices are downright misleading (i. e. their own council bestowing "Kandidat Nauk" and "Doktor Nauk" degrees, right down to the acronym similar to the real deal; WCU stuff; "order of nobility"; a scheme to grant Kandidat degree - PhD equivalent research degree - to holders of MBA degrees "of any nature" in two to three months). The whole operation almost approaches the degree of mockery of Russian academic process as practiced by infamous IUFS. And I am certain neither Mr. Anan nor Dr. Prigozhine is aware of their "honors".
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    But, but, which is really the highest degree in the world, Stanislav, the Grand PhD or the Grand Doctor of Science?
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    I already gave up trying. The attempt to deflect using the ODA was the last straw.
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    May I correct you
    Education in USA is about education and it is also a business.

    At times I hear about rectors in Russian universities that are one step from starvation, things did got a little better last couple of years.
    I have no problem if in USA universities can compete and pay well to their professors, have advanced labs and equipment, so if its a business to I don't think its is a bad thing.
    There is also lots of academic freedom that is not mandated by
    government like in comunist countries.

    Most of the time the only people that give bad rep to US universities are degree mill shills, operators or simpatizers.

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    Please see this link below I had quoted before:


    You can see WIDU/WDU is the educational affiliate of IIA. The International Informatization Academy (IIA) is registered in the UN and ranks as associated member of the UN Secretariat Information department. Please see the links below for more information.






    ... any many more from IIA's website.

    So, what is the academic status of IIA and WIDU? Any comment?
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    UNESCO is not an ACCREDITING body and many members etc are just that, there is no Academic value in membership of this kind in UNESCO nor it represents any level of academic recognition.

    Simply follow GAAP for non US providers and you will be fine.Can their degrees be used in Begume for civil / government jobs? NO
    Are their degrees good for entry or teaching in recognized university - NO

    Now if lets say based on agreement with Penza State University a person can be awarded dual degrees than Penza state diploma/degree is GAAP.
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    I did not see the agreement in detail. However, if there will be a dual degree agreement between the two institutions, does it mean WIDU's graduates can credits transfer totally to PSU and vice versa?

    Also, even if UNESCO is not an accrediting body, should or should not its members like WIDU be university mills? If so, does it mean UNESCO is promoting university mills?
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  15. kcfile

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    I think it is the biggest joke supporting by United Nations since WIDU is the educational affiliate of IIA. The International Informatization Academy (IIA) is registered in the UN and ranks as associated member of the UN Secretariat Information department. Please see the links below for more information and other discussions in this thread.






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    Its degree mills that use UNESCO as an umbrela to add credibility to thair sham. UNESCO is the victime in this situation.
    and have no Academic recognition powers or performs such tasks.
    UNESCO has very positive roll in world education and their projects are wordy especially promoting education in poor coun tries but they let Academic regognition issues to be hendled by respected ministries of education of the jurestictions were the education providers are located.

    Look at WIDU representative in USA - KUST

    Here is link to unaccredited WIDU brunch in USA


    The King's International University of Science and Technology is
    incorporated and registered in the State of Delaware, USA \

    Read the lies of the value about their accreditation here


    The King's International University of Science and Technology is accredited by the National Distance Learning Accreditation Council (NDLAC) in the USA

    The rest lies are here

    Although NDLAC is a private accreditation agency, the comprehensive list of schools and universities that are accredited for membership of NDLAC includes many of America's most prestigious universities.

    Because KIUST is an accredited member of NDLAC in America, our graduates, especially those with outstanding academic records, will have the opportunity to access many of the American universities that belong to NDLAC, if they wish to pursue further studies through on-campus mode in the USA.

    The misleading KUST? Lie about the value of their degrees.

    In reality no RA university will accept as a policy such degrees and then it would be to late for the KUST graduates because they will be defrauded from their money with almost wortless paper?

    You think Penza will award them a degree?

    I say no way Jose :)
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    It's not wise to list these url's as grounds for WIDU's legitimacy, since the tend to show the opposite:

    The Armenian agreement specifies that degree holders have to pass a recertification procedure in order to perform research and teach. In other words, a WIDU degree and Armenian certification will get you exactly what Armenian certification gets you.

    The Mongolian and Albanian agreements are to set up joint centers for solving global problems. They say nothing about the recognition of WIDU degree holders as qualified to teach or carry out research.

    The agreement with "Cyprus" is actually an agreement between WIDU and another vanity outfit run by "Sir Dr. [sic] David MENITZ KC-POMG, PhD. Arch, MSc, Arch. BSc, Arch & BSc B.A & Tour [sic]" "previously known Meni" [sic] with another risible CV. For example:
    If you check here http://www.westcoastuniversity-edu.com/wcu_management_team.html you will see that he not only sits on the management team of the WCU mill, but also got those degrees from the same mill.

    Keller International University is another Seborga outfit, and its head, Victor Yu, is a Trade Comissioner for the Seborga Business Centre (no knighthood for the hon. Victor Yu as yet.)

    The head of AIS in San Marino, Helmut Gunter Frank, also sits on the board on West Coast Institute of Management and Technology, another of Sir Dr. Lloyd's projects which was laughed out of Australia.

    Justo Law University is an arm of AIS and WIDU and appears to have no other independent existence. Its head, Gennady Shiloh, sits on both WIDU and AIS boards.

    WUDSES is another offspring of the European Academy for Informatization, with the same kind of Belgian business license passed of as academic recognition the WIDU holds. It is headed by the same Eduard Evreinov.

    The closer you look at WIDU's "recognitions" and "associations," the sillier it gets, and the more pathetic.

    KCfile, you've been researching international distance education for some time now. Haven't you learned to recognize warning signs like "Seborga" and extravagantly grandiose CV's with obsessive interest in Esperanto and touch typing?

    The International Informatization Academy has no accrediting power. The relationship between IIA, WIDU, and its associates does not legitimize the latter, it seriously discredits the former.

    JamesT, in your 30 posts to this forum, in addition to beating the WIDU drum relentlessly, you've directed readers to such mills as Columbia Seminary, the London Institute of Applied Research (LIAR), Kennedy Western, AND Missouri's egregious TIU, which crops up all over WIDU.

    You've also rebuked Bill Huffman for calling well-known mill operators "scum."

    Publicizing degree mills is essentially what you do here. Why don't you do so in some venue where your contributions would be welcome?
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  18. Lerner

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    I have seen other Armenian documents and the one they post appears to be signed by a person who has no real authority to do this.

    I'm far from being an expert but between some legitimate recognitions they have some completely bogus so to me this is very suspicious at minimum.

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  19. JamesT

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    Dear Learner,

    Let us review the Armenian recognition. Please refer to the Ministry of Education document for Armenia posted in my first link, the name of the Minister of Education is Sergio Yeritsyan. You can read his bio in the second link. He is also a graduate of WIDU and you are invited to read his entry on their website in the third link, number three from the bottom. Now I would ask you, why would he dummy up the paperwork from his office as Minister of Education and Science?




    Now please note the signature of notary at the bottom of the signed MOE document. It belongs to Dr. Fadley Sariksyan, PhD and Grand PhD, who is also a graduate of WIDU. Now please compare it to the gentleman and distinguished professor fifth from the top on the following web page. Please take the time to read about him on the WIDU website also. How can you begin to question his reputation for falsifying the signed agreement for his MOE, Sergio Yertsyan?


    What About The Republic of Tatarstan?

    Please look at who signed this document. Please take notice of who signed the document for this republic. Do you think this document was forged also? The signature on this document has the same name of the gentleman on the Tatarstan government website. I believe you are fluent in Russian, feel free to email him.



    Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan
    Head: Rais Falikhovich Shaykhelislamov, Minister
    Address: Russia, 420111, Kazan, Kremlevskaya St., 9
    Phone: +7 (843) 2927541, 2929001
    Fax: +7 (843) 2929351
    E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
  20. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Well have you seen SRU documents or Concordia with all the recognitions?

    The issue is that they are not recognized in their home country.

    As far as the Armenian documents I'm not buying that these are real. What about all the unrecognized and faik accreditations?
    Why do you ignore the once that are red flag?

    Their USA King mill that is deliberatly decieving students etc.

    What makes them GAAP is if they are recognized by ministry of education in their home country and if the utility of the degree is equal to the one earned in real university of that country.

    Well in Russia its not recognized as state format degree, in Belgume the same, in US its Delavar corp - what a joke
    come one man cant you that this is a fraud?

    Maybe you have plans to leave in Tatarstan or Armenia but seriusly there are to many red flags

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