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    You may find WIDU more information at http://www.bridgeworld.org

    It seems an entity of The European Academy of Informatization (EAI) that was established by Royal Decree, Belgium, September, 1999. Most of the professors with Nobel Prize winners are from Russia Federal.

    However, I donn't know whether it is accredited by the Belgian gov't or not because the documents are not in English, http://www.bridgeworld.org/aei_doc.htm
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    The file name mentioned in the above post and in many places of that Belgian document the word AEI is being repeated. Is that also Dixie's operation? This is just my doubt as Dixie uses the AEIT and AEI (American Education Institute) often?
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    all i would like

    Yes, thank you Dr. Azad, I read the website.
    They have letters of recognition from various parts of Asia.
    I am wondering if any of the regulars on this board have information about this? Dr. Douglas? Dr. Bear? Uncle? Bruce?
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    Non! As Mr Poirot would say...

    The thing from the Belgische Staatsblad/Monitor Belge is simply a document of incorporation for an association, granting it "legal personality." Big deal! This is NOT accreditation. It isn't even commercial incorporation. It is analogous to registration of a non-profit in the USA, although there is emphatically NO non-profit status mentioned in the document given (through his justice minister) under the hand of, frankly, one of the better kings of Belgium as kings of Belgium go. The document has absolutely no relevance whatever to academic rigor, the granting of degrees, Belgian accreditation or equivalent, or the legality of any "credentials" issued by this organization.
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    Re: Non! As Mr Poirot would say...

    It appears that many associations (Sorbobe for example) using
    or abusing the system by awarding credentials.

    It may be the new fround for mills.
    Adam Smith is association now as well etc.

    One association in CA operating as credential evaluation agency was warned by the Fed's and no longer awards diplomas.

    The links to diplomas don'r work anymore only evaluation reports.

    so it is a trend .

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    See this earlier thread:


    Eduard Evreinov, the guy who runs WIDU, is also the "Grand Master" of his own aristocratic order: The World Order of SCIENCE, EDUCATION, CULTURE:


    He proposes a kind of super-Ph.D. degree that he calls the "Grand Ph.D.". This will only be granted to top leaders in their fields (he's one, of course). These leaders will form a new world intellectual aristocracy.

    In the Grandmaster's words, "The Order's members form the nobility". And the Order is prepared to supply its members with all of the appropriate titles:


    Apparently his New World Order (yep, you've heard about it, well this is it) intends to try to steer the planet's affairs from behind the scenes, kinda like the illuminati.
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    Nevertheless, you may find their professor profiles are impressive. As mentioned in the website, http://www.bridgeworld.org/alf/alf.htm?l=A KOFI ANNAN, the Secretary General of the United Nations, is Cavalier and Commander of the International Order "Science. Education. Culture", PhD, Grand PhD of WIDU. I have browsed this website showing that few of the professors were Nobel Prize winners!!!
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    "World" seems to be a word that typically indicates academic fraud when it is part of the name for schools or accreditation agencies.
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    a cup of Kofi, or, shades of curtain rods

    Given that Mr Annan is a hereditary prince in Ghana, I doubt that this home-brew chivalric order amounts to a pot of peanut stew to him, that is, if he knows of it at all, which somehow I doubt.

    There was a Canadian episcopus vagans back in the 60's who used to bestow archbishoprics or some other wondrous title on such luminaries as the Pope, the Presiding Bishop of the (at that time) Protestant Episcopal Church, various Protestant ecclesiarchs, and possibly Lassie the Dog. None of these was aware of the great honour, and none the worse for his or her ignorance of it. The late Dr Arthur Piepkorn of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis discovered that he had been awarded the distinction, was greatly amused by it, and notified those of his fellow-honorees who were still encumbering the earth at that point. What their reactions were, Dr Piepkorn carried with him to his too-early grave.
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    A Google search for 'world information distributed university' site:.edu produced a grand total of two hits. But unfortuately both of them are a little unsettling.



    A search for 'world information distributed university', site:.ac.uk produced no hits.

    It's interesting that WIDU tells us:

    "To receive the degree of PhD of WIDU it is necessary to have the national degree of PhD, to publish 15-20 scientific papers, to find an original solution of some problem, to prepare an original thesis. It requires 4-5 years."

    But judging from the two examples of WIDU doctors above, that doesn't seem to be required in actual practice.
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    Or . . . you may not.

    Sure, if you got Cavalier-Commander Kofi Annan as your Grand PhD dissertation advisor, that would be, well, grand. But what if you drew Dr. Safraz Lloyd, for example, instead?

    His biography on the widu site is here:


    [maybe interesting]

    and a fascinating parallel version is here:


    Dr. Lloyd, a rector of WIDU, is also the President of a "department" of WIDU, West Coast University of Panama, whose Chairman of the International Faculty of Science and Technology just happens to be Professor Eduard Evreinov, the President of both WIDU and its embracing entity, the European Academy of Informatisation-Belgium.

    If this seems a little incestuous, not to worry,

    "West Coast University is also licensed to award Higher Secondary Certificates, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees by the Department of Education of Antico Principato- Di –Seborga, Italy-EU"


    [reference, but also other accreditors]

    Dr. Lloyd's first Decorate [sic] degree in Technical Education comes from TIU (The International University) of Missouri, about which the Missouri Department of Higher Education said, " the department staff has corresponded extensively with The International University (TIU), which is a non-accredited institution with an active presence in the state. TIU must become certified or must cease operations in Missouri."



    WCU is not merely an appendage of WIDU, however: It shares President Lloyd with Australia's West Coast Institute of Management and Technology, with which George Brown is apparently familiar:

    www.higheredconsulting.com.au/images/ articles/Sunday%20Times%20Perth%20June%202003.pdf

    [reference, dreary details]

    I don't mean to pick on Dr. Lloyd. I'm sure he's as well-qualified as many others on the WIDU faculty. And he may even be the same person as




    But, kcfile, I think if WIDU embraces and endorses Sir Dr. Lloyd, and the European Academy of Informatisation embraces and endorses WIDU, it's hard to have more confidence in any one of them than any other.
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    I found this post regarding WIDU in another forum. It seems they have recognition as association and can establish a university.


    Federale Overheidsdienst Justice

    Dear Sir,

    I have duly received your letter of 11 December 2005.

    Hereby I can confirm that by Royal Decree of 19 September 1999, the European Informatisation Academy (A.E.I) has been recognized as an international assocation and has thus acquired corporate personality.

    According to its statutes, this association can indeed open a university in accordance with the Belgian legislation on this matter

    As education is a regionalized matter in Belgium, it falls within the competence of the Communities. For this purpose, you may contact the following departments:

    - Ministrie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap - Department Onderwijs, Hendrik Consciencegebouw, Koning Albert II Iaan 15, 1210 Brussel

    - Ministere de la Communaute francaise, Administration generale de l'Enseignement et de la recherche scientique, Boulevard du Jardin botanique 20-22, 1000 Bruxelles

    Yours respectfully,

    On behalf of the Minister, the Attache

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    You may find WIDU's latest updated website below showing more recognitions from Gov'ts of Russian Federations, e.g. Chechen, Penza ... etc.

  15. 3$bill

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    WIDU is a joke, and like any joke it's a lot less funny the third time around.
  16. JamesT

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    Dear Bill,

    If it is a joke, it must be one of the biggest academic jokes of the century, because you would have to be totally blind, to not see all the recognition they have massed. I admire this senior gentleman, Professor Eduard Evreinov who has started AEI-WIDU. Of course it won't be recognized in the United States by traditionialists, because education in America is big business. It's all about money. Viva la Global Education and the four tier educational system. I wish them well!
  17. 3$bill

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    I'd say that was a slight exaggeration. It's not quite up there with Piltdown Man or Cold Fusion.
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    Looks like this thread has recently been revived with some pandering to academic frauds in it, at least it looks that way to me.
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    Respectfully Bill Huffman, I am glad you are not sole authority for foreign academic programs. Please do a Google search and notice AEI-WIDU's tremendous recognition worldwide along with the respective Ministries of Education. Thank you for your comments though. Have a Nice Day. God Bless You!
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    Will the state of Oregon do?

    WIDU is listed here
    as a diploma mill, and one of its affiliated universities, West Coast University (of Panama, Western Australia, and the UK) as "Not a genuine university. Linked to the fake accreditor that is part of the St. Regis, Robertstown, Monroe U. scam."

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