What is the latest MGM Medical College cut off and counseling update?

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    As per the academic session 2020-21 updates, the MGM Medical College Navi Mumbai cut off has been released. The candidates need to achieve the minimum NEET percentile, as per the cut-off and closing rank. Due to the relaxation for SC/St students, the minimum percentile is 40. To attend the counseling process of MGM Medical College Navi Mumbai, the candidates need to have all the important documents and fulfill other requirements as well.
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    SC/St stands for "Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes" - i.e the low end of the Caste spectrum. Often referred to as "Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other Backward Peoples," in officialese. Today's Indian "affirmative action" (and the term is used in India) allows these people, who have been discriminated against for thousands of years under the Caste System, to enter academic programs with lower marks than are required of others. Usually about 5% lower. Well, that's uh...something, I suppose.

    It is significant, I think, that the Sanskrit word Varna (caste) has the literal meaning of "color." And so it goes... everywhere, it seems.


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