What is the cheapest way to get a RA teaching credential?

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  1. Gilbert921

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    Hello everyone fairly new here and just trying to join the college world and its very confusing Ive been at it for about 2-3 days now researching and I want to pull my hair out and not do it at all.
    My current situation is this. I understand there is no easy way to get it done and im willing to put in the work. Looking for cheapest and mostly or all online. I am from New York and looking to get into teaching special education. I have 9 credits through Suffolk Community College along with 6 from there Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP exam. the 9 are Art 101 , Music 101 and Criminal Justice 101. My plan is to get an associates done thats transferable to maybe St Josephs College in NY where they offer dual certification for elementary/secondary in one program.(hopefully online i can do this). My MAIN focus at this time is finding a cheap online program to start off to finish my associates to get my headed in that direction. I appreciate all the options people give me but 5 options will just confuse me. Im bran new at this and I dont even know where to start theres so much out there.

    Thank you all
  2. mbaonline

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    Gilbert, I'm not really an expert on teaching certificates and specifically not an expert on NY state but I think the first thing to do would be to read up on the specific requirements for a teaching license in that state. Then work backward: Do you need the BA and then the teaching certificate? Or do you want to combine them?

    I think if you poke around the St. Joseph's site, you'll find info or you could talk to an advisor. Here's what they say about transferring into SJ: For more information regarding transferring to SJC from Farmingdale State College, Nassau Community College or Suffolk Community College. http://www.sjcny.edu/Admissions/Adult-Education-Admissions/63 Transfer guide: http://www.sjcny.edu/media/transferguide.pdf

    For most community college-to-university programs, they really have it all worked out. These are sometimes called "transfer agreements" or direct transfer programs. Have you called Suffolk for help?

    But since you're in NY, you also might look at Excelsior, TESC or Charter Oak since they are all back east (the "big three") to finish your AA and then transfer to St. Joseph's. There's a lot of info on these three on this site and it might be cheaper.
  3. John Bear

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    In the thirty years I've been writing about distance and online degrees, few programs have produced as much favorable feedback as the online teaching credential programs at Rio Salado College in Arizona. www.riosalado.edu They find local (wherever you are) practice teaching gigs, and last time I checked, they were saying that their credentials worked in 49 states and many other countries. A friend of mine in Bangaluru India Is working on his California credential and doing practice teaching at a Canadian high school there.

    If you do look into this, and especially if you pursue it, it would be kind if you offered feedback here.

    John Bear
    Bears' Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning
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  4. Kizmet

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    Please keep in mind that most states require you to complete an internship or student-teaching practicum. All your coursework can be completed online but the internship must be classroom based. Read your state regs for details.
  5. SurfDoctor

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    Gilbert921, this looks like the real deal. Most of us here at Degree Info have a lot of respect and put a lot of trust in Dr. Bear.

    Kizmet makes a very valid point, make sure that everything is cool with the student teaching in your location before you start.
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    Western Governors University (online and NCATE accredited): “Completion of a WGU teaching degree program or teacher preparation program will qualify you to apply for licensure in all 50 states and all U.S. territories because the state-approval and accreditation status of our programs meet state requirements for licensure eligibility.”
    New York Teaching Certification | Licensure Requirements for New York | Become a Teacher in New York

    Two additional Alternative Teacher Certification programs available in NY State (not necessarily online programs):

    NYC Teaching Fellows Master’s Degree and Certification (Transitional B certificate /license): “NYC Department of Education subsidizes most of the cost of tuition (excluding books and materials) at its partner universities."

    Teach For America – NY: Hunter College, Relay School of Education Fordham University, Bank Street College
    (Partner universities)
    New York Expenses and Certification | Teach For America

    ** Teacher Certification in New York State (includes alternative certification program/s):
    Teacher Certification in New York State. January 2004. Research and Educational Services. New York State United Teachers.
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    In order to become certified in Illinois, individuals must complete a state approved certificate preparation program (or hold a valid and comparable out-of-state certificate), meet all coursework and testing requirements, and meet all other requirements detailed in Illinois statute and rules. You may access a Directory of Approved Illinois Certification Programs on the following link: http://www.isbe.net/profprep/PDFs/directory.pdf. Should you have questions regarding completing an Illinois approved certification program, please contact the institutions on this directory.

    Entitlement is the process of completing an Illinois approved teacher, administrative, or school service personnel program. If the applicant has successfully completed all program and coursework requirements, the entitling institution will send notification to the Illinois State Board of Education. Essentially, the entitling institution “recommends” that the applicant be issued a certificate. If all testing requirements have been met and the applicant meets all other statutory requirements, the certificate will be issued upon submission of all relevant documents and fees.* If you have completed an Illinois approved program,

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