What is a slow, cheap IT or CS degree?

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    I want to make a career change, either to IT or CS. I have a teaching degree, so I won't need to complete general education requirements.

    I have found three cheap routes, but they all have problems:

    1. In-state tuition, public university. The most affordable CS degree in my state would cost $7306, but that is taking 18 credits per quarter, which I can't do with my busy 60 hour/week job. If I took 6 credits per quarter, the cost is much higher, at $11,000, impossible at my salary.

    2. WGU or a similar competency-based program. Although I think this appears to be quality program, my current job is 60 hours per week, so I don't have time to study this program quickly, so the price-per-quarter method is not good.

    3. TESU or a similar low-credit degree, with credit from alternative sources. This is affordable, at round $5,000 for a degree, but I'm concerned this isn't a route for actually learning the material and preparing for a job.

    I'm just looking for an option that I can complete at a slow pace (i.e. 6 credits per semester). Is there any type of route to either IT or CS, where the tuition is lower when completed at a slow pace?
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    How do I learn what I must know? Do they have detailed lists? I can't see that in the links.
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