What is a PharmD quaified to teach online?

Discussion in 'Nursing and medical-related degrees' started by Randell1234, Apr 3, 2009.

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    My niece just finished PharmD school and has been accepted to a residency program for a clinical pharmacist. She is getting a stipend during the residency and is thinking about earning some extra cash by teaching online. Any idea what she would be qualified to teach…biology, chemistry, pharmacy at Creighton?
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    She might also look into teaching allied health courses (basic bioethics, etc.) at a vocational school with online courses.
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    Probably anything she has 18 credits in such as Chem, Bio, etc.
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    Hey Randell,

    My fiancee is a Critical Care Pharmacist who did two years of residency (PGY-1 General Practice, PGY-2 Critical Care). About half way through her first year, she was recruited, I believe, by Penn Foster to teach some pharmacy tech programs online; she also received some similar offers but I have to check with which institution specifically. Otherwise, because of the nature of pharmd programs, they really don't fulfill the 18 credit hours to teach many undergrad courses. What eventually happens is that the clinical pharmacy residents end up having to do a lot of pharmacy tech work so they pick up all the skills. In fact, they are expected, eventually, to have intimate knowledge of the pharmacy techs procedures. Because of budget cuts these days, I good deal of their time is spent doing the job of a pharmacy tech. Consequently, this lets them teach these courses - for the most part.

    If your niece is interested in some extra income, what should could do is be a PRN pharmacist (i.e. Pro re nata or as needed) in retail and work whatever shifts that are available or whenever she can. This option is available once she passes her boards and law exams That's what my fiancee did her first year; she picked up like one or two shifts here and there on the weekends at Walgreens (anywhere from $46 to $50/hr). The PRN option also might be available at the hospital she works at. This occurs usually when a pharmacist calls out or goes on vacation. My fiancees first year at the Mayo Clinic, this happened often, so she was able to do PRN at the hospital. The PRN was outsourced back then and pay was 1099. The arrangement is similiar at most hospitals although some do payroll internally.
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    She should be able to teach any of the pharmacy courses at Creighton, if they have openings for part-time adjuncts.

    I would also suggest that she look into the online RPh (Registered Pharmacist) to PharmD programs that are out there.
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    I agree with what rlong said. My fiancee is doing a one year residency as a PharmD. She doesn't do it, but a lot of her friends who are also doing the residency are doing the PRN thing. They can pretty much set their own hours. They make $50 an hour, which is probably more than what your niece will earn as an adjunct.
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    Thanks for the tips - that is great.
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    I looked for a link to Penn Foster's careers/adjunct page but can not find it. Do you have a link?

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