What is “May be a diploma mill”?

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    It's not five years; it's "three of the last five years" of active practice plus a J.D. from any law school in the United States, which certainly includes PCU.

    My mistake.
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    Thank you; I stand corrected.

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    less than wonderful

    I agree. I think that "looks like, smells like, acts like a diploma mill" is not a good definition. Say, someone inside or outside of the United States does not know where to look to get a "translation" of "may be a diploma mill", then this is where the problems for the applicants begin, of course not always, like the argentine that thinks about buying a degree for $300.00 there is no mistake about this.
    Remember the entire world does not read DEGREE INFO.

    It is better for the state degree confirmation office, says it like it is "NOT LEGITIMATE PROVIDER OF HIGHER EDUCATION."

    :D Then the USA ARMY jumps in with paratroopers to shut the place down and liberate the students, like the Malvinas Islands (I know the war was with england, maybe I should say GRANADA).

    Don Alan Contreras with a latin name like this, be like the great liberator SIMON BOLIVAR! We pray for you.
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