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  1. menelaus

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    Hello all,

    Due to a lot things that were going on in my life during the high school years, I decided I wanted to drop out and pursue and home school option. It turns out that the "school" I had gotten from had lost their accreditation.

    So when it comes to trying to enroll into a college / university they looked and the school and decided I did not have a valid high school diploma.

    I would like to know what my options are for attending an "Online" accredited high school, that does not take 4 years to complete. I want to be able to join the military before I am too old and would need a valid diploma.

    I'm looking to get into the WOFT program with the Army, if that fails after several attempts I am going to start college and join the Marines program PLC.

    I've been thinking of a couple of schools but an unsure.

    Independent Study High School - University of Nebraska - Lincoln

    I am looking for some insight or other options.

    Thank you,
  2. SurfDoctor

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    Hi menelaus. Welcome to Degree Info. I expect that you will find some good information and hopefully you will enjoy the discourse too.

    How about just going for your GED? Here's some information about it: How To Get a High School Equivalency (GED) Degree
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  4. menelaus

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    I have given thought to the G.E.D, but the WOFT ( Warrant Officer Flight Training program ) is hard enough for a civilian to get into with a normal high school diploma. I'm sure with a GED I could probably get into the program, they look to persistence a lot. There have been people who get rejected 3-4 times before the review board finally puts them through just based on their desire to constantly go through to the process to get what they want.

    Currently I'm 25, the cut off age is 31. For the Marines Platoon Leader Course the cut off I believe is 32 or 34 and you need to be enrolled in college / university.
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  5. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator Staff Member

    Also, if you don't go for a GED, be careful to insure that the online high school you attend is properly accredited. I'm not sure what that is for high schools, but others here should know what the proper accreditation for a high school is.
  6. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator Staff Member

    I have no knowledge or experience with the military, so I can't address your concern with any authority. However, it is hard for me to imagine that they would discriminate against a GED.
  7. menelaus

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    It seems the begin accreditation is DETC ( Distance Education & Training Council ) applies to High School programs as well as college. The problem I have been finding though when contacting colleges & universities ( not the devry / pheonix kind ), but university of new hampshire / Ma, etc they don't accept these programs.

    The K-16 Education Center, The University of Texas at Austin ---- I am looking into this one now, seems it may be what I am looking for. Most of the stuff I find that is a really decent school is for home school, middle school / high school student age, not some one who is 25.
  8. Bruce

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    You have more than enough time to get a G.E.D. then enroll in an accredited Bachelor's program and have your degree before the cutoff, and once you have a degree, no one is going to care that you have a G.E.D. instead of an actual high school diploma.

    If having a HS diploma is really important to you, I concur with SurfDoctor and make sure it's properly accredited. You certainly can't go wrong with the University of Texas program, if that's the way you're leaning.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    The Marine Corps Officer program's maximum age is 28, but with prior service age waver up to 34.
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    There is no such thing as proper accreditation for high schools. The vast majority have nothing, RA or NA.

    I went by DL to American School, it's RA and it took me no time to get it done. It's non-profit and has been around for over a 100 years. It's also super cheap!
  11. japhy4529

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    The following site and related book is authored by a long-time member of this forum, Tom Nixon:

    Best Online High Schools

    Best of luck,
  12. GeneralSnus

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    Haven't we been through this before? Most high schools are regionally accredited, but it is not an overwhelming majority.
  13. menelaus

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    What you state is for the ROTC program the OTC and PLC have different requirements for age.
  14. menelaus

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    Have you had any problems with any colleges / universities accepting your diploma?

  15. b4cz28

    b4cz28 New Member

    No I have not. I have been accepted at two state universities, many cc's and I am a Texas Peace Officer.
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  16. b4cz28

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    OK, let me say this then. A great deal of public High schools are not accredited. I just want it to be clear that what people make a big deal out of this, there is not one to be made. 1,000's of students graduate from public schools and have a diploma that is not accedited. I doubt they have any problems going to college.
  17. b4cz28

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  18. menelaus

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    Thanks for the Link.

    I'll look into it.
  19. menelaus

    menelaus New Member

    Looks like I may be going with American School. Only one I have found that does not require you to pay an arm and a leg and has a payment plan.
  20. b4cz28

    b4cz28 New Member

    You will happy if you do. It has a great deal going for it, non-profit, very low prices, payment plans, RA and a good rep. It was formed in 1897 so they have been going for 114 years now. The staff is quick to grade and you can do the program as fast as you want to.

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