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    Need help... Is Western States University for Professional Studies, Doniphan MO accredited? I have been told two different stories and need to get to the bottom of this issue.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Bill Huffman

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    It is not accredited, even though they claim accreditation from a "dreadful and unrecognized agency".

    quote was from Bears' Guide, 15th edition
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    Their accreditation had been from the International Accrediting Commission, the agency shut down by the Missouri Attorney General in the famous "three stooges" sting operation. They, like most other IAC schools, switched over to the Accrediting Commission International.

    Founder Glen Hudson claims three degrees: two from Metropolitan Collegiate in London (they sold degrees for $100 each) and his doctorate from the University of England (whose founders were indicted for fraud, convicted in a jury trial, and sent to federal prison).

    This is from a report from the American Society of Safety Engineers.

    "Western States University for Professional Studies in Doniphan, Missouri. The most recent incident (2/99) just took place in Hartford, Connecticut. The Hartford press reported that police are investigating an allegation that Western States University for Professional Studies sold phony fire science degrees to the city's firefighters. The alleged phony degrees were then used by the firefighters to collect incentive pay. The tip-off was when one firefighter reported earning his masters degree seven days after receiving his bachelors. Western States for Professional Studies has also been the subject of several newspaper articles. Perhaps one of the best known is the March, 1983, Arizona Republic article titled Diploma Mills- A Festering Sore on Arizona Education. Of additional interest is the fact that the World Safety Organization (WSO) approves Western States University science and fire safety degree programs. Western States advertises that its degree recipients are working in fields such as safety consulting, hazardous materials management, and nuclear safety.
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    No, it is not.
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    That helps me sleep better at night.
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    In May 2003, a judge and a newspaper exposed firefighters in Hartford, Connecticut, with these degrees:

    But it goes on.

    The fire chief in Riverdale, Georgia, holds a Bachelor's from there:

    A deputy fire chief (who wants to be a fire chief) in Myersville, Maryland, holds a PhD from there:

    An associate professor in the Fire Science program at the regionally accredited Mercer County Community College in Trenton, New Jersey, claims a Ph.D from there:

    The former "the Director of Emergency Medical Services with the District of Columbia Fire/EMS Department", who "has served as an adjunct instructor at The University of the District of Columbia and is currently an instructor with Command School, Inc" claims a Ph.D. from there:

    The manager at a nuclear generating plant, who is (or was) also the mayor of Hastings, Minnesota, holds a Bachelor's from there:

    A certified trainer in "Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting" etc. in Hayden Lake, Idaho, claims a B.S., and "Ph.D. Cand" from WSU, where "Cand" evidently is short for "Canada" :rolleyes: :

    "An experienced Emegency Manager, Fire Marshal, Paramedic, and Hazardous Materials Specialist" and author of a book Safe from Hazard has a Bachelor's from there:

    A former chief fire officer in South Africa who "has personally trained thousands of school children and hundreds of adults" has a Bachelor's from there:

    The Chief Operating Officer of a company that provides aviation technology to the Department of Homeland Security, and which is "committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior and professional integrity" :rolleyes:, has a Bachelor's degree from there:

    A consultant who has "more than 40 years of field experience in tracing the movement underground of harmful contaminants like chemicals and bacteria from industrial, municipal, commercial, and other sources" and "is experienced in explaining, with credibility, complex scientific subjects to lawyers, judges and juries" claims a Master's from there:

    A former "National Asbestos Abatement Training Director" claims a Master's and Ph.D. from there:

    The president of a safety training company in Bakersfield, California, claims a Ph.D from there:
    although there's a warning about WSU on the same Website:

    A fire safety engineering consultant in Las Vegas, Nevada, claims Bachelor's and Master's degrees from there and a Ph.D. from Columbia Southern:

    A safety consultant in Lititz, Pennsylvania, claims a Master's and Ph.D. from there (and no Bachelor's from anywhere):

    The senior project manager of a company called "Honesty Environmental" :rolleyes: in Houston, Texas, claims 1 or 2 degrees from there:

    A specialist in industrial pain management, formerly on the faculty of the American College of Orthopedic Medicine claims a Ph.D. from there:

    A chiropractor claims a Bachelor's degree from there:

    A former policeman "named the nation's 'Top Cop' in 1998" holds an MBA from there.

    The regionally accredited Sojourner-Douglass College at 5 locations in Maryland (where "students may be awarded credit for learning gained from experience at work, in the community, in volunteer activities, and even in hobbies and other personal activities") has a faculty member with a Ph.D. from there.

    At the regionally accredited Francis Marion University in Florence, South Carolina, one of South Carolina's 12 state-supported universities, apparently an MBA from Western States University qualifies one to teach music.
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    Jaw drop

    I would have never imagined this in a million years. Thank you all very much.

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