West Coast Bible College No Longer on DEAC List

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    I was following this school as they seemed to be genuinely pursuing DEAC accreditation and very forthcoming with students. Also, had some great subsidized tuition to get students into the system and working on degrees.

    They apparently ran into some issue with DEAC accreditation when they came up for a vote and were not approved. They remained on the list of institutions "To Be Considered" (presumably while they appealed). They are no longer on the list. So, either it didn't go well or they gave up.

    MaceWindu, you can mark this one off of your list.
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  3. West Coast withdrew their application for DEAC accreditation on September 26th.
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    Don't panic, West Coast! There's always TRACS! ..........I think! .............Isn't there? :confused:
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