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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by nomaduser, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. nomaduser

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    Are there any other similar sites? :cool:
    I found lots of useful info on yesterday. I'm curious if I'm missing anything.
  2. Johann

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    (Sigh.) If there were, I'd probably be posting on them and have NO life whatsoever...

    There were a couple more sites a few years ago - and degreediscussion never came back from the mass defection when DI, DD, and several individuals (me included) were unsuccessfully sued by the owner of a university which I shall never again name.

    There was another that was active and based in Vanuatu before that - at this moment I forget both the name of the board (degree-something-or-other, naturally) and the guy who ran it. It petered out around 2007 and it stopped being looked after. Overrun with spam in about 10 languages. Too bad - I kind of liked it - and the guy who ran it was OK. But the level of knowledge was nothing like here. It's completely gone now, I believe. Anyway, I had to come here to learn anything. Not that I know much now.

    Degreediscussion was great until the 2013 disaster which I mentioned. Degreeboard was fine - some of the people who still post at DI were regulars there. Then the site was sold and the person who bought it discontinued the forum, and (naturally) changed the content to suit her own purposes.

    Oh yeah - discovered these tonight. No opinion. Haven't looked at them:

    So -we're down to a very few that I know of, here. I also came across a couple of specialty forums - online degrees for firefighters, nurses etc. I know there are plenty of fora in other countries. I've hit an Italian one and if you Google "Fernstudium" you'll hit something in Germany. I'm sure Mac Juli or Johann766 (the real German - I'm a fake) could give you some urls. Oh yes - I found a Russian one or two as well. There's also a site that discusses nothing but medical schools - I think it's called ValueMD.

    I was going to start an international list a couple of years ago, but I never got around to it properly. Maybe I should...
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  4. Mac Juli

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    Well, Mac Juli could, but he won't. On the sites I was, the participants were bashing the others for... well, no other reasons as to hype themselves. Here, there are sometimes individuals who do so, too, but overall, the vibe is more friendly.

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