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    Compare http://www.web-hed.com/wauc/universities.htm :
    with Google's cache of http://www.wauc.org/accredited.htm :
    with the current http://www.wauc.org/accredited.htm (no institutions listed) :
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    I do not see Lacrosse University on the list. I just double checked it and they are WAUC accredited.

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    It looks like there is about to be a name change from World Association of Universities and Colleges to International Association of Universities and Colleges , or has this always been this way. The wauc.org website references IAUC several places and even the text refers to the organization as International Association of Universities and Colleges.

    Change or intentional?
  5. Rich Douglas

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    Sounds like a marketing ploy. Degree mills do it all the time. The public (or some of it, anyway) gets wise to the name, so the mills change. Why not WAUC? Perhaps WAUC is being recognized as a phony and a name change is needed.

    Makes you wonder about the people who buy degrees from mills, only to see their fake schools disappear without a trace (only to turn up with a different name and all details changed).
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    Maxine Fitzasher?
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    Dona Ana College

    This is most distrubing. New Mexico State University's main campus is located in Dona Ana County, New Mexico. The University runs a community college called Dona Ana Branch Community College, which is well known throughout southern New Mexico and has campus facilitites in a half dozen smaller communities. "Dona Ana College" is awful damned close, if you see what I mean.

    647-1681 is probably a cell phone number.
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    http://www.wauc.org now has some animations, but still no list of colleges.

    http://www.web-hed.com/wauc/universities.htm has some new institutions:

    The Academy of International Learning - Phone: 301/874-1005 (accreditation-in-process)
    Sadr International University - Phone: 301/874-1005 (accreditation-in-process)
    Tajikistan International University - Phone: 992372 366949 (accreditation-in-process)

    and under "MEMBER-STATUS ONLY":

    Branson International University

    None of these new members seem to have Websites.
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    From a reverse phone search:

    Sadr Education Network
    4507 Metropolitan Court
    Frederick, MD 21704
    (301) 874-1005
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    In 1996, Loyola State University (Ronald Pellar's other diploma mill) claimed accreditation from the International Association of Universities and Colleges (IAUC):

    In 1999, Barrington University claimed accreditation from the IAUC:

    In 2001, Barrington University, Adam Smith University, Chadwick University, and Trinity College & University, were among those claiming membership in the International Association of Colleges & Schools (IACS): http://web.archive.org/web/20010922195355/http://www.iaus-accreditation.org/

    WAUC's use of the IAUC name as observed by Mike is interesting; but historically they seem to have been separate.
  12. John Bear

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    Mark: "In 1996, Loyola State University (Ronald Pellar's other diploma mill)..."

    John: My understanding is that Loyola State was started by a woman who had bought her degree from Pellar's Columbia State, and then copied all the Columbia State literature to start her own phony, but that he wasn't involved. The state of Illinois acted promptly and vigorously, closing her down within weeks.

    Pellar's other schools might be considered the currently-operating WAUC-accredited Cambridge State University. According to the reporter for the New Orleans Times-Picayune, he bankrolled it for a million bucks. Louisiana closed them down, as a degree mill, but they continue to operate with a Hawaii mailbox address, run from Los Angeles.
  13. Mike Albrecht

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    No more IAUC

    Looks like they caught alll the referneces to IAUC also.:eek:
  14. MarkIsrael@aol.com

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  15. oxpecker

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    Since we're digging through the AED archives, here's a correction from da Bear in December of the same year:

  16. MarkIsrael@aol.com

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    Thanks, OxPecker and Dr Bear!
  17. Veteran101

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    Only a few questions

    I noticed so many cool and fancy names from the not so wonderful listings above. One did stick out.

    The question:

    Can I get a Masters from the Universal Church of the Master?
    Would the dean have a Masters or a PhD?
    Is the dean a Master Doctor or a Doctor Master?
    Can the Master give a Masters or only a single Master?
    If I attempt a Master from the Master would I be a Master or just a slave?
    Is the Master a Master of Education or just a Master of the Martial Arts or a Master of the Martial Arts with a Masters?
    Would he/she then be called a Master Master?

    Wow! Im confusing myself, just as I am confused about how these places continue to stay in business!

    Have to go now and search for a Master
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    www.iauci.org seems to have been registered 1/1/2003 by

    Domain ID:D94384865-LROR
    Domain Name:IAUCI.ORG
    Created On:28-Jan-2003 09:04:25 UTC
    Last Updated On:05-Feb-2004 06:35:23 UTC
    Expiration Date:28-Jan-2005 09:04:25 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar:R101-LROR
    Registrant ID:OMNIS-1064959284
    Registrant Name:Fran Cirillo
    Registrant Organization:Int Accreditation for Univ, Colleges,Institues
    Registrant Street1:1611. 116. Avenue N.E.
    Registrant City:BELLUVE
    Registrant State/Province:WASHINGTON
    Registrant Postal Code:98004
    Registrant Country:US
    Registrant Phone:+1.3103169600
    Registrant FAX:+1.3103169600
    Registrant Email:

    Fran Cirillo's name pops up in association with a couple universities (Nw Castle and LUMT) previously noted in this forum

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