"Washout" Thread

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Randell1234, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. LinfieldADP

    LinfieldADP member

    Congratulations on going into nursing! (And sorry for the late response). But, since it's been awhile, how are the classes going? Do you think you'll take the next step and apply to one of the RN to BSN programs online?

    Hope all is going well!
  2. nwblogger

    nwblogger New Member

    After two classes, I dropped out of Northeastern University's Master of Education program... decided against pursuing a degree in Education. That said, I would highly recommend NEU to anyone. I loved the accelerated class format and the instructors were awesome. I wish they offered their Masters in International Relations program online -- if they did, I'd still be pursuing my degree there!
  3. NMTTD

    NMTTD Member

    I went to my local community college (Pasco-Hernando Community College - or PHCC), but due to my son having autism that never really worked for me.

    Then tried my hand at becoming a surgical tech from Central Florida Institute (CFI) but again, traditional school didnt work out. And honestly, I discovered I really couldnt care less about medical stuff. Did ok in the classes, but I was bored and/or confused the whole time. So i left.

    Then I tried my hand at National College of Business and Technology, but not only was the college a joke, I realized pretty quick that business is NOT for me. I did well in the classes, but I really hated them. So I knew I had to leave.

    Then I enrolled at Ashford University to get a BA in Child Development, but I left after a year because not only does that college SUCK, I realized I wanted to do something bigger. I left with a 3.6 gpa and 10 transferable classes under my belt, so it wasnt a total loss. But that college is not good and Im glad I left.

    I wanted to make a difference on a global stage, see the world, make my voice heard. So I left, did a lot of research, and ended up here at Schiller International University. Im absolutely loving it and the classes. And Im a lot happier getting a degree in International Relations and Diplomacy.
  4. NMTTD

    NMTTD Member

    Let's see....

    I washed out of Pasco-Hernando Community College (PHCC) in 1998

    I washed out of Central Florida Institute (CFI) in 2001

    I washed out of National College of Business and Technology (NCBT) in 2005

    Transferred out of Ashford University in 2011 after a year and am now at Schiller International University and I LOVE it!!! No more washing out for me!! :D
  5. edwardlynch

    edwardlynch New Member

    Drop out too... School is really boring that time.. then shift to another course...
  6. NMTTD

    NMTTD Member

    I lied. I washed out again. lol This time I washed out of Schiller and have now enrolled at Arizona State University. MUCH better choice, price, and program. :D
  7. ASU...can't argue with that one. Stick to it and it will be fine.
  8. StefanM

    StefanM New Member

    You better be careful, or you might get accused of shilling for ASU! :)

    Of course, if you are going to shill, ASU would be a good school to advocate.
  9. NMTTD

    NMTTD Member

    Nope. I learned about ASU from here. I was given the link and info from people here, so I CANT be a shill. But I did take the advice and leave SIU for ASU. And Im glad I did. :D
  10. DxD=D^2

    DxD=D^2 Member

    I dropped out of two institutions:

    APUS (American Public University) because I didn't like their online format, and the first class was an introduction to online learning that was required. I took the class and found it to be pretty pathetic.

    I wanted to switch gears and go for a BA in Religious Education at Global University. They also had a class that was required as distance learning. I should have realized that I didn't like these classes from my first experience. I enrolled and then it dawned on me... I had this class before and I didn't like it so I dropped out of immediately. Talk about history repeating itself. LOL.

    Now, I'm at Liberty and love the format and the coursework. :)
  11. edwardlynch

    edwardlynch New Member

    i never been dropped out....how does it feel? dropping out not all means that your bad right? but for some reasons...
  12. rmm0484

    rmm0484 Member

    There are many reasons for dropping out:
    Boredom in general
    Boring courses
    Boring Professors
    Lack of Funds
    Lack of ability
    Lack of motivation
    Lack of desire to pursue the program or course
    Lack of good study skills
    External Influences
    Program or courses not compatible with learner's needs
    Feelings of isolation (not connecting with the program, teacher or other students)

    Dropping out may be a good news story if it motivates you towards another direction to complete your goals.
  13. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

    Surprising, considering your poor grammar and syntax.
  14. GeeBee

    GeeBee Member

    So you "heard theres this one guy." Why don't you just be honest and tell us that it's you?
  15. rmm0484

    rmm0484 Member

    If it is indeed him, it is a good case for not contacting him - his grammar and punctuation alone rule him out.
  16. edwardlynch

    edwardlynch New Member

    This year was really a bad year for me I am not able to pass the exam. :(
  17. Boethius

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    One of the best threads on the Net. I'm glad I found this forum.

  18. rmm0484

    rmm0484 Member

    Catharsis is good for the soul!
  19. NMTTD

    NMTTD Member

    HaHaHa!!! Wow. Talk about another life. I have since washed out of Schiller and am super happy at Arizona State. Best decision I ever made, leaving Schiller for ASU. MUCH better choice, price, and accreditation (NCBT, CFI, and SIU all NA. PHCC, Ashford and ASU all RA. RA is definitely the way to go!) I do wish ASU offered this program, however. But all in all, transferring to ASU has been EXCELLENT. :D
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  20. Koolcypher

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    I bailed out of Full Sail's online MFA-Creative Writing program. I really liked the program, however, I decided to give the good old MBA a try. Therefore, I will be attending FIU's Professional MBA Program. This is a butt-in-seat program, while, FIU does have an online MBA program, I decided to do it F2F. The program is 18 months long and classes meet on Saturdays.

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