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    Hi all- You've been such great help previously and I thought I might give this forum another try. After serious research, I've finally narrowed it down to two schools both international. Basically, what I loved about these two schools are the cost, AACSB accredited, short residency requirement and the GMAT is not required (unless instructed).

    Between Warwick and Manchester, which do you think is best as far as reputation and ROI goes for their DL MBA (finance) program? Personal reviews/opinions are also welcome...
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    Both are top-tier B-schools; triple accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA). If you’re seeking a UK MBA, both schools have quality B-school reputations … though neither, in my view, is a London Business School (no DL MBA) or Henley (DL MBA available; £20,000 /$31,250) in B-school reputation or recognition.

    Financial Times Global MBA rankings 2011:

    Manchester Business School (29th /3-yr. 34th)
    Warwick Business School (58th /3-yr. 46th)
    Business school rankings from the Financial Times - Global MBA Rankings 2011

    The Economist B-School Europe rankings:

    Warwick 14th / £5,500 ($8,609) fees per year; 9% North American students
    Manchester 22nd / £23,000 ($35,999) total program fee; 6% North American students
    Henley (5th)
    LBS (6th)

    Which MBA? | Europe ranking

    Durham Business School (AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA) also offers a DL MBA in Finance; ranked 20th by The Economist Global Learning Centre : The Global MBA (Finance) - Durham University
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    I'm actually having a similar doubt.
    Firstly I was interested in a couple of italian EMBAs but later I switched to a DL choice; at this time my preferred ones are:
    1) Manchester
    2) Warwick
    3) Euro*Mba

    I don't know if you read those articles, they are pretty interesting:

    Distance-learning MBAs: The Socratic e-mail | The Economist


    I find Manchester really interesting but it's difficult to find opinions (it's strange since their large alumni network); Euro*mba is interesting as well but it requires 3 residency weeks/year and this is quite demanding for me. I would be glad to stay in touch with you in this search.. so much options :eek:
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    WOW! I have never heard of Henley until you mentioned it and I must say, I'm quite impressed. But I bet it's probably very hard to get in to eh?
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    Warwick and Manchester are top schools. I will take Manchester anytime.

    Remember , FT is the best ranking and Manchester Is much better ranked than Warwick

    Also, university of Manchester is one of the best universities in the world. I think they are ranked top 25 in the world

    Finally, Manchester bussiness school Phd is ranked #1 in the world according to FT ranking

    Therefore, Manchester is much much better than Warwick
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    If you're in the USA (and I know you are) then it won't matter. No one here knows anything about "which are the best British business schools." Just choose the one you like.
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    I don’t know what their (Henley) applicant selection percentages are, however, the flexible learning MBA doesn’t appear to be all that strenuous as regards admission. If you’re interested, why not give them a try?

    Moreover, “Henley Business School, in conjunction with the National School of Government, is delighted to offer 15% discount on MBA fees to applicants working in the public sector. The discount applies to the Henley Executive MBA, the Henley Flexible Learning MBA, and the Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Flexible Learning only).”
    The Henley MBA - Public sector applications - University of Reading
  8. ChiSquare

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    British university rankings

    The Complete University Guide: Warwick #8, Manchester #29
    The Guardian: Warwick #6, Manchester #41
    The Sunday Times: Warwick #8, Manchester #25
    The Times: Warwick #8, Manchester #32

    Business school rankings

    FT European Business school rankings: Warwick #21, Manchester #53
    FT Global MBA Rankings: Warwick #58, Manchester #29
    The Economist Full time MBA ranking: Warwick #34, Manchester #61
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  10. adelx

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    Let me be very clear, Warwick is world class universtiy and business school. However, Manchester is way better than Warwick as a university and business school. in fact, They are simply not in the same league. let me reply at your post

    you chose newspapers ranking. I wonder, why you didn't use a more accurate ranking such as the UK Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), QS World University Rankings (QS), and Times Higher Education World University Rankings (Times).

    the UK Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), "is an exercise undertaken approximately every 5 years on behalf of the four UK higher education funding councils (HEFCE, SHEFC, HEFCW, DELNI) to evaluate the quality of research undertaken by British higher education institutions"

    the ARWU, QS and Times are regarded to be the most influential and widely observed international university rankings [1]

    First, Accroding to the RAE, in term of research power, the top 3 universities in the UK are: Oxford, Cambridge, and Manchester. With all due respect to Warwick, they are not even in the top 20 in term of research power. So, as I said: They are simply not in the same league

    Also Manchester is ranked 3 in the UK after Oxford and Cambridge in term of the the number of subject areas which are ranked first in the UK. in Business, according to the RAE, Manchester is the leading business school in the UK [2]

    Now, lets go to ranking, we will start with the Academic Ranking of World Universities. Manchester is ranked 44 in world. Guess what is the ranking of Warwick? they are ranked between 151-200. Do you see the gap? So, as I said: They are simply not in the same league

    The 2nd ranking is the QS World University Rankings (QS). Manchester is ranked 30 in the world and Warwick is ranked 53. This is the only ranking in which Warwick is close to Manchester

    The 3rd ranking is the U.S.News & World Report's World's Best Universities rankings, based on the QS World University Rankings, identified these to be the world's top universities in 2010. Manchester is ranked 30 in the world and Warwick is 53[4] (notice that this is the same ranking as the QS)

    the final ranking is the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Manchester is ranked 87 in the world. Guess what is the ranking of Warwick? they are not even ranked in the top 200. Do you see the gap? So, as I said: They are simply not in the same league [5]

    The Times has another ranking which ranks universities according to their reputation (Top Universities by Reputation 2011). Manchester is ranked between 61-70. Warwick is not in the top 200. [5]

    Accroding to the REA, and the most influential and widely observed international university rankings, not only Manchester is ranked better in every ranking, but also the gap between Manchester and Warwick is huge. They are simply not in the same league

    1. Academic Ranking of World Universities - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    2. The REA website: RAE 2008 and this: British Council | Education UK | Profile | University of Manchester

    3. United Universities in Top 500 - 2010 Kingdom

    4. World's Best Universities: Top 400 - US News and World Report

    5. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2010-2011

    The OP is asking about the MBA program in both schools. So lets start with the MBA ranking. in the MBA, there so many ranking such as Business Week, Financial Times, The Economist, the Wall Street and Forbs.

    Ask anyone who knows anything about MBA programs , and he or she will tell you: FT MBA ranking is the king of all MBA ranking. In the US, however, Business Week MBA ranking is preferred because it is more US-centric. for the sake of argument, we will examine all ranking.

    so lets start with the FT ranking. Manchester is ranked 29, and Warwick is ranked 58. Also in the top schools per subject areas (Finance, International business, accountancy, marketing, entrepreneurship, CSR, general management, and economics), Manchester is ranked top 10 world-wide in marketing and International business. Warwick is not ranked in top 10 in any subject area.

    Now lets go to the second ranking: the Business Week. Manchester is ranked 17 in the Top Ranked Non-U.S. . Warwick is not even ranked.

    FT and Business Week ranking are the most important one for MBA. but lets look at other ranking

    * Manchester ranked 3rd in the world for ROI on graduation in the BusinessWeek ROI survey 2008. Warwick didn't make it to the list.

    * The Economist Full time MBA ranking: Warwick #34, Manchester #61

    * Manchester is ranked 2nd in Forbs Best International 2-year MBA Programs 2) Manchester - Kurt Badenhausen - Forbes

    * On Forbes survey based on “return on investment” (ROI) via a survey of alumni salaries, Manchester is ranked fifth in the world. (Best Business Schools - Forbes.com)

    there are many MBA rankings, and as I said, FT is the king, and Manchester is better. Even if you consider other ranking, MBS is usually much better ranked than Warwick. BUT, Warwick business school is also a very very very good business school.
  11. ChiSquare

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    Question from the thread starter is:
    Reputation and ROI for a MBA program is certainly not the same as research reputation for the whole university. Do you understand for example that Manchester's 9 Nobel prize winners in Chemistry and 11 Nobel prize winners in Physics does not make any significant influence on quality of Manchester MBA program?
  12. adelx

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    I agree. And therefore, in term of Reputation and ROI for MBA program: Manchester is much better than Warwick Business School.

    Manchester Business School MBA ranked 3rd in the world for ROI on graduation in the BusinessWeek ROI survey 2008. Warwick didn't make it to the list.

    On Forbes survey based on “return on investment” (ROI) via a survey of alumni salaries, Manchester Business School MBA is ranked fifth in the world.

    So, in term of ROI , there is no comparison between Manchester and Warwick. Manchester MBA is ranked as one of the top MBAs in the world in term of ROI, and Warwick is not even ranked.

    Now, lets go to Reputation. Read about the history of both business schools and you will know that Manchester business schools is better.

    this is a good place to start:
    Manchester Business School - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Warwick Business School - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    About MBS | One of the world's top ranked business schools
    About Warwick Business School | WBS

    Finally Manchester Business School is the leading business school in the UK according to the UK goverment recent assessment of research quality.

    AND Manchester Business School PhD is ranked #1 in the world better than Harvard, Standford , and the rest.

    So, it is unfair to compare Manchester to Warwick.

    Best Regards,
  13. ChiSquare

    ChiSquare New Member

    Please give a source for this laughable claim.

    If you want to compare UK business schools, Forbes and BusinessWeek are not very useful sources. They are very US-centric and their coverage of non-US business schools is very superficial.

    About ROI:
    - tuition for Manchester full-time MBA is £37,400, and for Warwick full-time MBA is £26,000
    - Manchester full-time MBA is 18 months long, Warwick full-time MBA is 12 months long.
    - average salary 3 years after graduation is £70,500 for Manchester and £66,700 for Manchester (source: FT Global MBA Rankings 2011)

    So, difference in average salary is £3,800, Manchester MBA costs £11,400 more than Warwick MBA and graduates from Warwick MBA can earn on average £33,350 for extra six months that Manchester MBA graduates spend in school.
  14. adelx

    adelx New Member

    The source is already in my post, it is FT ranking.

    Still , according to FT global ranking, Manchester is better.

    And about your ROI, your calculation is very simplistic and you don't include other factors in your calculations.

    The OP is looking for MBA in Finanice:

    Source: wiki

    I still don't see why u argue, it is clear from the evidence shown above and in my two posts above that Manchester as a university and business school is way better than Warwick.
  15. ChiSquare

    ChiSquare New Member

    This is not true, PhD rank in FT list is calculated according to the number of doctoral graduates from each business school during the past three years. It is just a number of doctoral graduates, not the quality of doctoral programs.
  16. ChiSquare

    ChiSquare New Member

    This is also not true.

    According to average RAE Rankings, Manchester is #6 and Warwick is #7 in UK.
    Better ranked universities are Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Imperial College, and UCL.
    Source: RAE 2008: results for UK universities | Education | guardian.co.uk

    In business and management studies Warwick is #5 by average ranking and Manchester is #11
    RAE 2008: business and management studies results | Education | guardian.co.uk

    Maybe we can check rankings in similar subjects:

    Economics and econometrics - Warwick #3, Manchester #10
    RAE 2008: economics and econometrics results | Education | guardian.co.uk

    Statistics and operational research - Warwick #4, Manchester #13
    RAE 2008: statistics and operational research | Education | guardian.co.uk

    Can you please explain how you can fit this facts in your claim "They are simply not in the same league"?
  17. adelx

    adelx New Member

    Why don't you complete how the ranking is calculated!! It says: Extra points are given if graduates took up faculty positions at one of the top 50 full-time.

    It is not only about how many doctoral graduates. lets see the Phd ranking according to FT:
    1. Manchester Business School
    2. Wharton
    3. University of Michigan: Ross
    4. Stanford University GSB
    5. New York University: Stern
    6. Northwestern University: Kellogg
    7. Columbia Business School
    8. University of Chicago: Booth
    9. University of California at Berkeley: Haas
    10. Carnegie Mellon: Tepper

    This is the top ten in PhD. just look at the names and you will know it is not just the number of PhD students.

    There is no such a thing such as RAE Rankings. The result above is the guardian ranking based on RAE results using the guardian methodology.

    Lets not waste our time. the OP ask:
    So, OP has the following criteria: reputation, ROI , MBA, finance. So lets take each:

    Reputation: Manchester > Warwick. Manchester was the first business schools in the UK offering MBA degrees with London Business School.

    ROI: Manchester is one of the top business schools in ROI according to BusinessWeek , and Forbes ranking. However, according to ChiSquare calculation, Warwick is better.

    MBA: according to FT, BusinessWeek, and Forbes Manchester is better ranked. However, according to the Economist: Warwick is better than Manchester.

    Finance: Manchester School of Accounting and Finance is one of only two accounting and finance schools in the UK rated as 6* by the RAE (i.e. with RAE 5* rating for two consecutive periods). According to a survey published by Accounting and Finance in 2008, MBS is ranked as the "world number one for accounting research".

    I am not here to debate which business school is better. I simply don't care. I just want to help the OP to take the right choice. if the OP wants to do an MBA in operation, I would have simply said, go to Warwick because Warwick is better than Manchester in operation.
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    The only problem I can see is that people unfamiliar with the UK ranking system are going to associate a Manchester business degree still with Manchester Capitalism and wanting to discuss Adam Smith et.a.. ;)
  19. xkaperx

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    ...or even with Manchester United.

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