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  1. Dwand

    Dwand New Member

    Can anyone give me some insight into their experience in Walden's DBA Program? I have been accepted to begin in September with a concentration in Leadership. I had 9 hours transferred in from my Master's Program. I know I can only get limited information since the program is only a year old, however some information is better than nothing.

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    BBA - Management - University of Memphis
    MSA - Human Resources - Central Michigan University
    DBA - Walden University - Begin program next month
  2. wheelcipher

    wheelcipher New Member

    I am in the DBA/Leadership program as well! I just finished the 1st class in the Walden DBA program. It was "Foundations of Doctoral Study". I am really glad they make that class a requirement, but I am also glad it is over. It is a refresher on some of the basics of on-line learning (which I already knew), but it brought some other good things up to.

    I was able to get 5 classes waived from my MBA at Norwich. In a week or so, I will start the "real" work and I am excited. I can say that even though this first class was just covering the basics and was somewhat of an introduction, I really enjoyed the interaction with the instructor. Her name is Dr. Stephanie and you will know her if you are assigned to her class.

    I don't have a lot to relay to you, but I am enjoying it thus far and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.

    The 5 classes I got waived were:

    Business Operations: Systems Perspectives in Global Organizations
    Information Systems: Global Management. Strategies and Technology
    Marketing Strategic Innovation in Globally Diverse Markets
    Finance Fiscal Leadership in a Global Environment
    Leadership: Building Sustainable Organizations

    My first class, Business Strategy and Innovation, is coming next.
  3. slb1957

    slb1957 New Member

    I will start their DBA program in International Business in Jan, so would also be interested to hear about it.
  4. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    The Walden DBA program is relatively new, isn't it? When was their first intake?
  5. Dwand

    Dwand New Member

    From my understanding the program was started a little over a year ago.
  6. Dwand

    Dwand New Member

    I really appreciate that feedback. Hopefully you don't mind if I stay in touch with you as I'm going to be right behind you in Leadership Curriculum. I got 3 class waived from my CMU program:

    Marketing Strategic Innovation in Globally Diverse Markets
    Leadership: Building Sustainable Organizations
    Finance Fiscal Leadership in a Global Environment

    I am really looking forward to the challenge of completing this DBA.

  7. tomball

    tomball New Member


    So what is the cost of the DBA?
  8. Dwand

    Dwand New Member

    $740 per hour (books included) for 60 hours (You can get a max 15 hours transferred) $44,400 plus 2 4 day residencies
  9. tomball

    tomball New Member

    not bad, the market rate for 2009/10 is just over 50K
  10. Dave Wagner

    Dave Wagner Active Member

    60 credit hours seems abbreviated for the doctorate. Is that the entire length of the program, after transfer credits?
  11. slb1957

    slb1957 New Member

    Yes, it is a 60 credit program, and they will accept in 15 credits if the MBA was done in the last 10 years.

    I also thought that was a bit short. Do others agree?
  12. tomball

    tomball New Member

    2 years will be the rule

    60 is normal, I have seen up to 120 or so. More credits = more $$$ spent.

    From my viewpoint a DBA should be a 2 year program with 40-60 units, any additonal requirements is a non-value for any holder of a MBA wanting a DBA

    I'm speaking to non-research based programs like "DBA, DM, DSS or DA" also consumer driving demand will force down the timeline. - you got to love the free markets, and yes the price will go up an avg. 10% per year.

    My guess that this program at "Walden" will be 50K in less than a year and in the high 50's by the end of 2010.
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  13. tomball

    tomball New Member


    So I guess this would be called a FIRE SALE to get things rolling....
  14. Dwand

    Dwand New Member

    That's the length of the program without transfers. I am transferring 9 courses from my Masters program, therefore I am taking 51 hours at $740 a course $37,740. The residencies are $800 something plus airfare and accomodations. Check out the Walden site. It's more of an extended Master's program. Not a bad deal, especially if you have an MBA, you're then able to transfer max 15 hours which gives you even less hours to take to complete the DBA. I can't pass this one up.
  15. Dave Wagner

    Dave Wagner Active Member

    What are the dissertation requirements? Hard to believe they can cram a doctorate into such a small container.
  16. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    Abbreviated? Hardly! Sixty semester hours beyond the master's is considered the norm for doctoral studies.
  17. morganplus8

    morganplus8 New Member

    slb1957 and others,

    I'll throw this into the mix:

    I hold an MBA that allows me to get 20% off my tuition at Walden U, I also can get up to 15 credits for the same MBA such that my final cost works out to $ 26,600.00 for the complete DBA program, plus two on-site visits. This compares favourably to Northcentrals program which is 100% on-line and slightly more expense for me. I might contact them to see how I can leverage my MBA into an abbreviated program at the lowest cost, whether it is an Ed.D or the DBA route, I don't care what the title is as long as I get the
    chance to right my thesis.

    My question is this, which one would you consider attending if you were able to balance the costs between the two? Are they comparable or is Walden's program worth spending the extra amount for those who can't take advantage of their discounts?

    I can enter the program immediately and don't have to go through the standard application process, just sign up and start classes. Given my choices here which one would stand out and why ................. thanks in advance!

  18. Dave Wagner

    Dave Wagner Active Member

    Where is it the norm for those who have graduated?
  19. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    Where did you see the part about accepting 15 hours in transfer if your MBA is less than 10 years old? I've never heard of such a thing.
  20. Dwand

    Dwand New Member

    Call and speak with an enrollment advisor. They can give you the specifics.

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