Walden or Capella?

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    I am going to pursue my master's degree and phd in psychology, and I am going to do most, if not all, of it online. As I've done my research online, two universities keep popping up, Capella and Walden. I was just wondering if anyone knows which one of these schools is better. I live in Texas and I want to make sure that I get a degree that will enable me to become a licensed psychologist in my state. Does anyone know which of these two schools would be better in helping me achieve this goal? Thank you.:)
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    Contact the appropriate agency in the state of Texas to determine whether Capella or Walden meet their standards to be a licensed psychologist.
  3. Ted Heiks

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    ... which can be found at www.tsbep.state.tx.us/licensed.html
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    I'm curious about why or how you narrowed the choices down to these two schools... If you wouldn't mind sharing your insights about other schools and why they didn't fit your criteria, that would be helpful to others who are wrestling with the decision.

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    To answer Dave's question...I haven't necessarily narrowed my choices down to these two schools. I have been researching on the internet to find out which schools are the best online universities for obtaining psychology master's and phd degrees. Capella and Walden have almost always been at the top of the list. I'm leaning toward Walden because they have been established a lot longer than Capella. But I would also consider other schools that meet my criteria, which is the following:

    1) The university needs to offer a counseling psychology degree program, with a concentration in marriage/family counseling and/or substance abuse counseling.

    2) The university needs to offer federal financial aid as a financing option.

    3) The university needs to offer a short residency.

    4) The university needs to offer the master's and phd degree programs, so that I can obtain both degrees at the same university. Walden and Capella are the two schools that I have found to meet all these criteria, but if there are others out there, I would be happy to consider them.

    I'm in the process of pursuing my bachelor's degree online at NSU in Louisiana, so I have quite a while before I have to make any decisions about which school I will obtain my other degrees from. I'm just researching now and weighing all my options so I won't being doing that at the last minute.
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    I have personally talked to advisors from Capella and I had made up my mind to get my Masters there. They are acredited and well, all you ask for.
    I was very convinced, but I will not attend, because I decided that psychology may not be giving me the career that I would like.
    As far as my research went for the same Masters that you talk about, well, I'd say Capella!!!
    Good luck
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    tnysgrl98. Your objectives seem clear and ambitious. I wish you the best in your academic pursuits.

    Fielding Gradute University is a direct route for licensure in clinical psychology.
    As steve mentioned, it is APA accredited. Therefore, it is the path of least resistance. An option is to complete a re-specialization clinical psychology. That is if texas requires an APA accredited doctoral degree for licensure.

    A counseling psychology doctorate may benefit those who wish to become licensed counselors. If you are interested, check licensure requirements for counselors in texas. Capella's counseling psy doctorate may meet the educational requirements.

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