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    Does anyone have any experience/contact with/thoughts on the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/Free University Amsterdam? Their theology Ph.D. program seems to countenance external students at 500 euros per year tuition. (See here: https://www.godgeleerdheid.vu.nl/en/research/graduate-school/fees/index.aspx)

    (I know it's a real and reputable university, so this isn't an accreditation, etc. question.)
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    I don't have personal experience with Free University. However, I have a number of friends and colleagues who completed doctoral work with them. Within the world of theological scholarship, the university is highly regarded worldwide. Within my field (practical theology), the book written by one member of faculty there, Professor Gerben Heitink, is considered one of the definitive works. If I was looking to do non-residential doctoral work at this point in my life, I'd seriously consider Free University (although I had a wonderful experience with Pretoria and completed my studies at even less cost). One thing is for sure: the standard of scholarship that will be required of a Free University doctoral student will be very high. I would expect the process to be very rigourous!
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    Thanks for your feedback!

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