Vista College Closes Texas Campuses

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    Vista College, a private for-profit chain, closed its Beaumont location Friday, citing “financial circumstances,” surprising students and staff who were unaware that Oct. 8 would be the last day of operation for the campus.
    In a letter sent to students and staff Friday obtained by The Enterprise, Vista College said, “due to unforeseen events we could not continue with the new term on Oct. 11 nor continue the current nursing term.”

    Vista College closed state-wide (
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    Thanks for sharing. Those students must be gutted. Looks like they had NA, Council on Occupational Education (COE). I didn't NA nursing programs that led to licensure were a thing. Interesting.
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    There are NA schools with programmatic accreditation, but the Texas Board of Nursing doesn't require programmatic accreditation. All a school needs is BON approval.

    Several years ago, an ACCSC college in Texas shut down without notice; they had a nursing program approved by BON. Hopefully, one of the local colleges will award transfer credits.

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