Vets to pay in-state tuition in all 50 states starting Fall 2015

Discussion in 'Military-related education topics' started by Shawn Ambrose, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. worldtraveler

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    Thank you JWC for your opinion. I served ten years, and think that it is sad that veterans have to pay tuition. My GI Bill expired a long time ago.
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  2. Neuhaus

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    I'm a veteran and I'm sorry, but I don't see why being a veteran should mean free tuition.

    Should our GI Bill have gone further to ensure a B.A. was covered? Sure. But free tuition for all veterans forever? Why?

    I paid $1,200 into the GI Bill and I got $24,000 in return. It didn't cover the full cost of my bachelors, but it brought me most of the way there. At this point, would I take free tuition? Sure. But I don't need free tuition post-Masters. If it was there, I would just take a lot of classes for personal enrichment. But why should a college foot the bill for that?

    Some states give veterans a free four year ride. Others give veterans a discount. Some states give you squat. I'd like to see where every vet was able to study for free up to the completion of a bachelors. I think it would help a lot of enlisted vets. But just unlimited tuition? Free Masters? C'mon. To me that's going too far. It's like vets who think that they shouldn't have to pay their cable bill. We served. We were paid for our service. We get to claim an honorable discharge on resumes for the rest of our lives. Some of us get free medical. Veterans benefits shouldn't create a special class of people. They should be aimed at helping veterans adjust to civilian life as easily and comfortably as is practical.

    "Practical" is the operative word.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I agree that in-state tuition is good enough. If it is FREE, then will be more problem for the economy. I actually love this bill, my son could attending University of Florida for Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at $129.18 per credit vs. $555.65 per credit. son is only 3 years old, but looking for him to start college at 10 years old. :arms:
  4. DnlRowland

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    You have to look at this in 2 ways. A lot of existing schools offering online courses still apply in state & out of state pricing. So if a Vet wants to pursue an online degree, this helps a lot, especially when they have to pay say using the old GI Bill. The New GI Bill saves taxpayers money.

    For those of us with a lot of credits spread out over a long career might look at one of the credit banks, and at least one of them have an in state/ out of state price model. This would make that a better option for a Vet who has 100 credits and wants to finish up at a reasonable price.
  5. jhp

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    Many colleges already take CCAF, JST, DANTES, and ACE to reduce total costs.
  6. DnlRowland

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    Oh I know they do, but taking a decent amount is my problem, personally. I can't speak for the overall. I have over 100 ACE credits (recommended of course), 84 from colleges and 33 from clep. I did get a BA but I just feel it is a waste to have that many credits and only 1 degree to show for it. It might be ego or what not, but that is almost 2 BAs worth of credits, at least an AA would soften the blow.

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