Veterinary Technology and Fitness Trainer School/College in Ohio

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    I am looking for Veterinary Technology college in Ohio USA. If any have any idea about the colleges, so please suggest me...:)
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    In most states the Veterinary Technician is not a protected profession.
    Due to weak economy and nature of small animal clinics the unemployment of Veterinary Technicians is high.

    My friends are veterinaries and some are registered as technicians with the state.
    The clinics hire young technicians, the pay is low.
    A lot of turnaround, I k now some vet techs who are unemployed for years, with part time work, a day here and there?
    Washing cages and other tasks that are far from what they expected to do.
    the smart move some did is went back to school and became Registered Nurses.

    They are employed now and making a better living the Vet Tech's.
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    Stautzenberger College

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