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    In 2008 I began a journey on the studies toward my Doctorate in Business. My goal was to obtain the DBA and mix all my degrees together then plan out the travel toward teaching using my education and my job skills which I have gained in the 30+ years working. Some of those years were with a family business hands-on and I learned everything from the ground up, those things you can't forget. I actually used many of those tools learned to begin my own freelance business and ran it for 14 years. Anyway, enough about my life.

    As of 2012 everything changed, our economy was horrid to say the least. I would of loved to stay with the DBA program and keep on going but there was no way I could. Student loans were hijacking me at the time and they still are. The only good thing that I have in that particular area is paying loans income based. My concern is I did not go through completion of the dissertation. I am ABD but considering graduation took place in 2012 with the bookwork and we are now 7 years out do I have the capability to complete it and if so with who?

    The third thought going through my mind is quite concerning as I cannot drive due to a medical issue and would need to comlete the dissertation online. I hope someone out there can provide answers to some of the above to put my mind at ease. I do thank you for reading this far.
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    I'm sorry to say that I might have to pile on your troubles a bit. You haven't said which school you attended for your DBA but the quickest way to finish is going to be to go back there. The reason is this: you can not reasonably expect another school to simply accept all those grad credits. Most places won't. Maybe 6. Maybe 9. But not all. Also, some places will say that 7 year old credits are too old. Some won't care too much. What is the policy at the school where you earned them?
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    sorry had multiple windows open... the school went to is no longer. They were forced to close their doors, I believe it was due to a financial situation that took place awhile back had someone that told me about this. Went to Argosy for my DBA at the time and should of listened and gotten out but didn't and went through for the book education side of it. Now I'm stuck and needing to finish up with the dissertation. *sigh*
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    I have just scanned your prior 41 posts, the latest of which was written almost seven years ago. And most of them were as whiny as the two posts you have written here.

    Bottom line: you're screwed. I'd like to be more encouraging since you whine so well, but frankly, you're a textbook case on how not to do things. So either pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again, or chalk it up. Frankly, in your position, I'd go for chalking it up since virtually every decision you have made since the beginning sounds like the wrong one.

    And, for what it's worth, several threads here on DI have offered the perspective that completing a doctorate at Argosy can be at least as bad as crapping out of a doctorate at Argosy. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and move on with life.

    As for becoming an online teacher, you don't stand a snowball's chance in the proverbial lake of fire and brimstone. Now, even more than when you started, the market is saturated with a glut of people who want to "teach" online (and frankly, I consider the phrase online teacher to be an oxymoron - look it up), and even those who actually finish a doctorate program stand no more of a chance than you do. Your goal, whether you like it or not, is no more than a fantasy.

    Finally, you need some serious brushing up on your grammar. For example, instead of writing that you "would of" or "should of" done something, learn the proper form of "would have" and "should have." You have a bachelor's degree, two master's degrees, and were well on your way to a doctorate. But if you make the grammatical errors in your application letters to schools that you have made here, you will be rejected on your poor writing alone. Yes, I'm being a hard-ass, but this is a reality check and literate personnel managers and hiring faculty do notice those things.
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    I don't want to rub salt into the wound but I don't think that's the reality of your situation. You will need to retake a substantial portion of those grad credits at any school that admits you. No one is going to admit you and then just let you do a dissertation. You don't have to believe me . . . contact any of the schools you see mentioned on this site and they'll tell you the same thing. Sorry. Sometimes the truth hurts.
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    I (still)have not read about these programs but if they are as the titles read then they may be the only legitimate ones around.

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