Vermont State Faculty - Resistant to Change & Online Learning

Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by Vonnegut, Dec 7, 2019.

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    NVU is a bit of a strange story. Once upon a time there were two State Colleges, one in Lyndon and the other in Johnson. They were merged to form NVU with two separate campuses. They are not really that close to each other and so students have to choose which one they will "attend." Their respective programs are largely redundant so that you can major in Exercise Science at either campus. Both campuses are quite rural. One is close to good skiing. They even have two separate women's soccer teams (Katy Ebner is pretty cool, a good young coach). It never made sense to me. They merged in name only, remaining separate entities in most ways. All of them, Johnson, Lyndon, Castleton, etc. are small versions of the the larger University of Vermont, the flagship campus of the state university system. It's easy for me to see how they might need to innovate in order to survive. There are a limited number of students who want to move to a remote location to attend college. These campuses mostly serve the surrounding towns and with shifting demographics within the relevant age group, decreasing enrollments, etc. they are likely to need an online component just to survive. I'd guess that the resistors are being short-sighted.
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