Various State Teacher Certification Strategies & Resources

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  1. Asymptote

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    Different states have different teacher certification pathways and requirements.

    Some states have reciprocity, whereby a state will recognize the certification of another state. Some states require certain subjects, but not others.

    What are some teacher certification strategies and resources you know? For example: Are CLEPs accepted to satisfy certification requirements in your state? Or some other provider? Has anyone pursued a certification in one state so as to transfer it to another?

    Have you seen differences between teaching and administrative certifications, and transferability?

    There can be lots of bureaucracy involved in teacher certification depending on the state. It would be fascinating to see what people’s experiences have been like.
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  2. Rich Douglas

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    When I retired from the military in 1996, they were running a "Troops to Teachers" program designed to take college graduates leaving the military, give them jobs as teacher's aides, then provide them an alternative path to a single- or multiple-subject teaching credential. I would have snapped that up. However, the state I was in when I retired didn't participate, and I wasn't free yet to move to another. (My wife was still on active duty.)

    They didn't say "Thank you for your service" back in those days.
  3. JBjunior

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    They just quit saying “thank you for your service” in that respect. Troops to Teachers has been defunded and is being phased out.

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