Use of Technological Devices for Distance Learning

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    Here is an excerpt from a blog which has an interesting article about the effect or usage of technology for an online student (or traditional)

    Of course, keep in mind that if you are a campus-attending student rather than an online student, you may have to power down some of your tech devices when attending classes. Students see schools as inhibiting learning technologies, but that’s just part of the transitory stages of technology and education.

    1. Kindle 2. The original Amazon Kindle’s screen was considered too small for college students to get a benefit. The Kindle 2 comes equipped now with packages for larger screens though, making it a viable option for e-books. In addition to be an amazing e-book textbook reader, your Amazon Kindle 2 will allow you to read your favorite select blogs and magazine, and provided it does not infringe audio copyrights, read your books back to you! Kindle 2 automated reading is the closest you’re ever going to get to slipping your book under your pillow and miraculously absorbing content through osmosis. Don’t think you can afford a Kindle 2? American Sentinel University is offering a free Kindle 2 if you sign up for 6 credits of online, transferable classes by August 27th.
    2. iPod Touch. Did you know the iPod Touch has a whole world of educational programs available, right at the user’s fingertips? It’s called iTunes U. Forget studying for your college mathematics exam with pen and paper when you can play with an interactive learning program on your iPod Touch and be ready to go. The iPod Touch also comes with the bonus feature of storing your audio files so you can listen to those lectures recorded by your professors, or study music for your instrumental elective class.
    3. Apple Tablet Computer. Like the sound of the Kindle 2, but want a product more compatible with your iPod Touch or your iPhone? Apple is currently in the works for a tablet that will compete with the Kindle 2, for release later this fall. Christmas time has never sounded sweeter for college students looking for the latest learning device.
    4. Dell Mini Netbook. These days, laptops seem almost commonplace for college students. Dell’s Mini Netbook takes this stereotype and offers an affordable, miniature laptop called the “netbook.” For students interested in getting a netbook of their own, American Sentinel University enrollment incentives may make acquiring a laptop much more cost effective than you think: we’re talking free-giveaway-effective.

    What do you guys think about this?
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    I have an Asus mini-notebook. It cost just under $300. I love it, use it all the time.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I have a Gateway LT3103U Notebook, 2 GB Memory, 250 Hardrive. I think it is great, which I downgraded from Windows Vista to Windows Xp 'cause it is faster. I also use my T-Mobile Shadow cell phone for media device (video and audio lectures). I think the Kindle device is useless because you can use the notebook computer as a ebook reader.

    The iPod Touch maybe useful.
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    Same here. These little things are just perfect for this purpose.

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