USAF Squadron Officer School at TESC

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  1. Orville_third

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    OK. I'm still working on my degree and I'm hoping to take the USAF Squadron Officer School Nonresident program as part of my Civil Air Patrol training. It's been evaluated by ACE as 3 Upper Level Semester Hours in Managerial Communications and 3 Upper Level Semester Hours in National Security Studies. I was wondering- would these fit into any part of the Liberal Arts degree in humanities or social sciences?
  2. Ted Heiks

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    Perhaps you could use the credits for general electives.
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    re USAF Squadron Officer School

    Salve Regina is a liberal arts university responsive to accepting military credits in transfer; e.g., “Salve Regina University will accept up to 18 credits earned at military schools, colleges, or universities in accordance with the recommendations made by the American Council of Education and in accordance with the University transfer policy regarding academic performance.”
    Salve Regina University - Graduate Studies - Online Studies
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    Thanks for the advice, but I already have all the general electives I need...and then some. (Of course since I began working at a time when TESC considered 200-level courses to be higher level...) Still, I hope to get it done ASAP, both to get it on my transcript and to get through Level 3 of CAP.

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