US News 2021 Rankings (Ranked in 2020)

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    The newly released US News Business School Rankings have been released! There are some noticeable changes in a few universities moving up, as well as some moving down. One of the biggest (to me at least) is the fact that the University of Oklahoma went from #58 to #85. That is a pretty steep drop!

    Anything of interest to others? I know how many feel about rankings but the US News may be one of the "more reliable" rankings available in my opinion.
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    This is gold. HAHA!
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    That is great for world rankings but I look solely at US rankings since I will never attend a foreign school.
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    The USNews Best Colleges ranking began in 1983 and I think they were a big hit. Lots of sales. I don't know how much the methodology has changed over the years but we know there have been a few scandals (Temple University most recently). It's an interesting read, especially if you haven't been reading them for 20 years. I think they depend on the fact that every year there's a new set of high school kids applying to colleges and probably a percentage of those parents are flipping through those rankings trying to decide if Joey or Jenny can make it into a higher tier school so they can brag to their friends. The fact is, I don't think there's anything wrong with these rankings. They are what they are. The methodology is relatively clear and I don't think they're trying to be something that they are not. Other people, especially the schools themselves, might want you to think they mean more than they really do. I don't believe that there's a substantial difference between, let's say #100 and #110. And if there is a difference, what is the chance that it something that will actually affect any particular student. Extrapolating those sorts of factors is very dicey.
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    "Tasty?" As Auntie Mame would say, "How vivid."

    Nonetheless, according to its wiki, "IE University is a private university, owned by for-profit business firm Instituto de Empresa S.L."

    Being a for-profit, that automatically makes them the spawn of Satan. :rolleyes:
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