upGrad offering it's own degrees?

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  1. Stanislav

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    Woolf University was discussed on this board previously. It's a Malta-accredited umbrella institution offering accreditation and quality assurance services to partner organizations, which then become it's "constituent colleges. One of their "colleges" is one "upGrad School of Management and Technology, UK". It lists a Master of Science in Data Science, as well as 2 MBA programs:

    upGrad School of Management and Technology, UK (woolf.university)

    Weirdly, the programs are not linked back from upGrad.com, at least from the main page. Googling within the site yields a PDF brochure:

    upGrad + Woolf MBA Brochure
  2. Messdiener

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    I haven't heard that name in a long while, but it looks like the Woolf folks have been busy.

    Last I recall, they were purely a Malta-based outfit, but now their accreditation page mentions that they are accredited in Malta, Switzerland, and three different locales in the US:

    Unfortunately, the page doesn't provide too many other details about said accreditation schemes but instead recommends inquirers to email them.
  3. Stanislav

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    It seems like Woolf is registered in Switzerland and 3 US states, but not what we would call "accredited" there. The misleading labels are unfortunate.

    On an unrelated note, am I reading the fees info right, and upGrad Masters price in rupees is under US$2000? If so, interesting.

    Another note: one of their colleges, offering MSCS degree, is GoIT. It seems to be a rather slick Ukrainian technology training company. Very cool. Tuition fees under $6000.

    Also, they now have a "Research Strategy" page, which among other things seem to imply they intend yo confer first doctorates in 2023-26. Again, interesting.
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  4. Xspect

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    I applied to the horribly named AlmaBetter Innovarsity's MSCS program in AI & Data Science, and if the program offers strong educational content, then the $2200 cost is entirely worth it to me. The Master's degree in CS is just lagniappe to me.

    I'll take one for the DI team and be the guinea pig
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  5. Xspect

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    Here is some interesting information from their brochure

    "Key Features:
    India's first Masters Degree with Assured Placement Services
    Globally recognized and equivalent to an MS from any US institution
    No prior Computer Science degree is required
    Immigration opportunities in US, Canada, and Europe Curriculum re-engineered for the post-ChatGPT era

    A bachelor's Degree in any discipline (Tech or Non-tech) A knack for learning and a never-give-up attitude

    The total fee for this program is divided in 2 parts
    Tuition fee: INR 1,80,000 payable at the time of admission (EMIs starting at INR 5,000)

    Career Services Fee: The fee for AlmaX - Career Services Program is based on a Pay After Placement Model. You have to sign an Income Share Agreement (ISA). ISA is a legal agreement between you and AlmaBetter where you promise to pay us a part of your salary only when you get placed above the minimum threshold salary. If a student gets a job of 5 LPA or above, then the student has to pay a fee of INR 2 Lakhs in 20 EMIs of INR 10,000 each."
  6. Messdiener

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    If I'm understanding correctly, they're asking a graduate to pay a total of 200,000 INR (2,420 USD at today's exchange rate) for placement services, right?

    Depending on the job placement, that's not a bad deal. I wonder if they have sample data on the jobs they've previously helped graduates obtain and what the salaries are.
  7. AsianStew

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    Xspect, thanks for letting us know and providing an update... I'm looking forward to what is next if you are going into the program...

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