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    They tie up with some good schools in India like BITS Pilani, IIIT-Bangalore, IMT Ghajiabad and also some foreign schools like Deakin University (MBA) and Liverpool Joh Moores University (MBA and MSc programs in IT).

    The main attraction is the price point - MBA from Deakins cost about INR 500K (~ USD 7k) while the MBA of LJMU costs even less (INR 400K - ~ USD 5600).

    This porgram looks interesting to me - MSc in CS from LJMU + PG Diploma in Full Stack Development or Blockchain Development from Indian Institute of Information Technology - Bangalore. The whole program costs INR 375K (~USD 5,300). I am not familiar with LJMU but IIIT-Bangalore is a prestigious institution considered to be at par with the IITs in India.

    I contacted them about doing the program from outside India, and their answer was that the programs can be done from anywhere as they are completely online.

    Disclaimer: I am not associated with upGrad in any way neither I am promoting it on this forum. It came up in my search and like any other member, I am posting it here out of excitement. If you have any questions about the programs, please contact them directly.
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    Awesome find msganti! I didn't know that they had this provider offering partnerships with universities. It's so similar to FutureLearn as the target universities are Australia/UK! Since I didn't see this on the sister board. I'll just "copy/paste" a thread! haha... I'll link to this one of course. Thanks again for the info, it just adds to my current list of MOOC providers that grant credit.

    Coursera, Edx, FutureLearn, Udacity, and now UpGrad... the closest one they UpGrad matches is FutureLearn as they both target the same universities (Australia/UK) for partnerships. It won't really matter to degree seekers where they get the degree as long as it has country respective accreditation that also has US equivalency recognition, the same goes for US schools, it should have USDOE and/or CHEA recognition.
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    This is an interesting point. In some ways it could be said that a new university is being created and it is being given the stamp of approval of an established university. It's really a new class of universities as these are beginning to pop up here and there. I'd break it down a bit differently than AS. He has said "It won't really matter to degree seekers . . ." and that may be true but it may not. We could ask, "Should it make a difference?" and we could also ask "Will it matter to employers, grad schools, etc.?" The same holds true of the various "Coursera degrees" we can say that it shouldn't matter but this is a new form of online degree program and there may be some stigma attached.
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    We see this very differently, since to me these are just OPMs with a public gateway to the programs they underpin. I don't see any evidence that Coursera or EdX or any of the like will seek independent degree issuing authorization or accreditation any time soon.

    At least in the U.S., I'd expect this to be a matter a great deal, since so many people there think the universe stops at the border.
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    It's interesting how both platforms seem to offer postgraduate and certificate programs, but neither seems to offer a BSc/BTech/BCom or other undergraduate program.
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    Possibly because these programs were designed for working professionals, and most working professionals in India already have a Bachelor degree?
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    Yeah, i'm mostly interested in the Masters degree programs, the Post Grad Cert options look cool too, but not really what i am looking at.... Masters degree is what I am seeking right now especially since they have partnerships with overseas universities and at a fraction of the price.
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    Should I say - "Me Too"? ;)
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    Caution - upGrad is fast in answering any questions, but their recruiters can be very aggressive and tenacious. I've put in my number on their website and their recruiters started calling me immediately. When I did not answer their calls they started calling me on WhatsApp - till I emailed them to stop calling me.
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    Now, upgrad does!!

    And furthermore, this here might be interesting for some of us: https://www.upgrad.com/free-courses/
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    Looks like the undergrad courses are on-campus courses offered at participating schools, probably with upGrad as the learning platform.
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    I tried to ask a question through chat box, and their robot just pestered me for my mobile number. So, I opted to reach out to them through other avenues. Given your experience, I'd rather not be called day and night!
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