Update on my degree progress...and plan of attack.

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  1. Orville_third

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    Hi! For those who don't know me, I'm an aspiring librarian who is hoping to get a BA through TESC. I recently checked my evaluation online in an unofficial form, as I'm currently a BA in Liberal Studies. They put me as 21 credits short:
    3 in Intellectual and Practical Skills
    3 in Responsible Ethical Leadership
    3 in Personal and Social Responsibility Elective
    9 in History (All at 300 or above)
    3 in Liberal Arts Capstone

    I've asked them to change my major and reevaluate my degree. Out of those credits, I can take care of:
    Intellectual and Practical Skills (Public Speaking at my Community College- already listed on the transcript)
    Personal and Social Responsibility Elective (Intro to Sociology CLEP- already listed)
    3 in History (History of the Modern Middle East- DSST (Unlisted))

    For ethics, would the DSST or UExcel ethics courses fulfill the requirements?
    For the History, I plan to take World Conflicts Since 1900 (UExcel) and an Ohio University History exam.

    I also plan to take the following:
    A Coursera History validated course, and hope to try and get credit via PLA.
    The USAF Squadron Officer School distance program (ACE- 3 SH (Upper) Managerial Communications, 3 SH (Upper) National Security Studies & Military Strategy)
    Some FEMA courses for fun.
    I plan to submit my evaluation on my Intro to Library Techniques from the USDA Grad School, via ACE.

    I may take some distance learning Library Technician courses too.

    Lastly, I hope to take from TESC:
    Liberal Arts Capstone
    Children's Literature

    Any thoughts on this plan? Any advice? Can you tell me if the ethics courses would satisfy the requirement? Thanks!
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    Did I show you this link before? Oh well, I'll post it again. I do not guarantee accuracy, so verify with the registrar or an advisor if you can.
    Sanantone's General Education Options - Degree Forum Wiki
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    TESC shows you what the various CLEP and DSST equate to: CLEP - College-Level Exam Program

    I would look for cheaper options for the Childrens lit, TESC courses are pricey. I believe this course from CSU Pueblo would be similar yet cheaper/easier English > Division of Continuing Education > Colorado State University-Pueblo see "Rediscovering the Fairy Tale"

    In fact CSU Pueblo has several titles that would likely work, 3 credits there is $450ish, all are self paced. I completed a couple of CSU-P courses in less than a week (it was a bit grueling, but doable, and I got an "A") University of Idaho also has cheap independent studies self paced courses, theirs are even cheaper at $300/3 credit Courses-Independent Study in Idaho-University of Idaho

    good luck!
  4. sanantone

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    The problem is that TESC's website doesn't tell you how tests fit into their new general education requirements. You can see which courses count as natural science or humanities, but you can't see which tests will count as Responsible Ethical Leadership or Intellectual and Practical Skills. Unless one verifies with TESC staff, all one can do is guess which tests count as what based on how TESC categorizes its own courses.
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    Based on the list you gave, I know that Public Speaking would Qualify as would Intro to Sociology. I know the DSST Statistics course would work, since it got me one of the electives.

    I have asked to get my transcript reevaluated, and they have gotten my request. It may take a bit of time, but I'll certainly find out once it's done.
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    Thanks for the Fairy Tale course...and even more thanks for the Idaho courses! They have a BUNCH of Library Science courses. I'd still like the general Children's literature course...but this is amazing!
  7. Orville_third

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    Right now I have taken and passed UExcel's World Conflicts Since 1900 with an A. I was scheduled to take the UExcel Business Ethics course, but work kept me from getting to the test site. I hope to be able to reschedule without having to pay extra. I've paid for a Coursera course on the French Revolution, and hope to get it evaluated to see if I and others can get a verified MOOC for credit. I'm planning to take (but have not paid for yet):
    UC-Pueblo's Fairy Tale course
    Uof Idaho's 400-level Library Science courses. (Saving the 500's for later.)
    I still need to work out taking the USAF Squadron Officer School.
    I also need to do some oral history interviews for CAP and get them evaluated for the equivalent of an Oral History course.
    I've taken a few more FEMA courses, and may take a few more for fun while I wait.

    What's left for me to get a BA in History as of today, after the courses I've taken:
    3 in Personal and Social Responsibility Elective (Business Ethics should do this)
    3 in History (All at 300 or above)
    3 in Liberal Arts Capstone

    The only limiting factors for me right now are money (primary) and time (secondary).
    TESC has told me that my evaluation has lapsed and I need to get reevaluated after paying another $75. So I need to pay it, resend my DSST transcript, get a UExcel transcript (or funnel it through ACE), get my ACE transcript accepted, resend my updated FEMA transcript, and get my transcripts from the independent study programs sent in once I do them. (And maybe get my updated AFIADL transcript sent in.)
    I do have a question involving advice- I am wondering if I should get a BA in History- or do my own BA study program focusing on preparation for a library career. Your thoughts?
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  9. rebel100

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    Just so you know, COSC is still accepting FEMA for credit.
  10. Ted Heiks

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    Ahem! Ahem! There is no such thing as UC-Pueblo.

    IT IS:

    CU Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver
    CSU Fort Collins, Pueblo
  11. Orville_third

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    Well, part is for fun. Part is for my CAP role. I could try and funnel them through Frederick Community College. (And I've got a minimum of 8 credits not counted on my current TESC transcript...)
  12. rebel100

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    TEEX and NFA are still accepted by TESC as far as i know, saylor.org has several cheap/free classes as well.

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