UoPeople - World’s First Cryptocurrency Endowment Fund

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    I don't really understand what the NFT diploma does that Parchment's digital diploma service does not.

    Good to be integrating blockchain tech into the curriculum (Quantic's MBA provides optional courses.) You can give all sorts of things to an endowment fund though, can't you? I've worked with some organizations who took stocks, life insurance policy cash-values and other non-cash assets.
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    Nothing. There are a few really great use cases for blockchain, but there are also a lot of uses where it's a solution in search of a problem and this is one of them.
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    A diploma blockchain is a great idea if they actually do it. It would mean in theory one could could not fake a diploma and that it would be instantly available to employers etc. But right now crypto is 90% hype and scam and fraud.
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    We "actually do it" here - Canada. Here's one: https://registrar.mcmaster.ca/digitaldiplomas/

    "McMaster University issues graduates a digital version of their diploma anchored in the bitcoin blockchain. Students opt in to receive a digital diploma at no extra cost. The digital diploma is encoded and verifiable using MIT-developed blockcerts. The technology uses blockchain to protect and verify the diploma." (emphasis mine - J.)

    There are others. First in Canada was Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in 2018. They used the Ethereum blockchain. Other countries are doing it too. Try Google-fu. "what schools issue blockchain-protected diplomas?"
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