UoL vs. Heriot-Watt, also Organizational Psychology/HRM vs. MBA

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  1. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Hi everybody

    First of all thank you so much for all the useful information here. It's been really helpful for my research into DL and a great motivational push in my decision to go for it!

    I would really appreciate your opinions on the following topics:

    1 - reputation and quality of University of London vs Heriot-Watt (price already favors the latter)

    2 - the value of an MBA vs an Organizational Psychology / Human Resources Management MSc - considering that I have a BSc in Psychology and I am more interested and would probably perform better in this field; also considering that I do not have clear career plans but would really like to learn something new, get a master's degree, and of course improve my job prospects.

  2. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    Starting with number 2), I would say it depends your careers goals, but you seem unsure what those are at the moment.

    From my experience, and MBA doesn't help you get a job that you are not already qualified to do. An MBA helps you get a "higher level" of job. A specialist degree in HR or Organizational Psychology would probably improve your chances if you are trying to move into those areas.

    As for reputation, University of London is the better known of the two. If you are talking about quality of the program, then I would say Heriot-Watt.
  3. Rain

    Rain New Member

    That is an excellent point about the MBA and HR MSc, thank you! Something I should definitely take into account.

    Could you please explain a bit more the reputation / quality thing? Don't they usually go together? In what way is UoL better known?

    I tend to choose Heriot-Watt for a few reasons: (in this order)

    - you can attend workshops on campus - I would really like some face-to face contact

    - they offer more flexibility - I like the fact that you can take the courses one by one anytime; actually I'm thinking I could start by doing a few that would be part of both MBA and MSc and decide later which degree I actually go for (I don't know for sure this is possible but I'm just assuming it is)

    - no project involved (although terribly useful, I really hate writing extended assignments)

    - you can graduate with a Postgraduate Certificate should you decide you've had enough of DL

    - their website is better and has a lot more information than UoL, including a course sample
  4. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    I would say they often do not go together. You can have a well known school, with great athletics, research grants, and a large campus (like UF). It has a great "reputation", but that doesn't mean the quality of the instruction is good.

    Then you can have a small, unheard of community college, with an instructor who actually cares about teaching and not research grants, and get a much better quality of instruction.

    How many people have heard of Heriot-Watt? (How many Americans can find Scotland on a map for that matter.)

    How many people have heard of London? I think you will find University of London better "known."
  5. Woho

    Woho New Member

    Definitely agreeing with that. I also believe that when-in-doubt people judge schools by the association they have with the city in it's name. That's why I also believe that there is true potential for Aspen University since the city has (at least for me) a very positive reputation.
  6. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    I agree with this post.

    I'm from the UK and only heard of HW after joining this site (or its predecessor). I've never come across it anywhere else.

    I've known about the U of L since I was a kid because that is where several prominent UK people earned their degrees including Mini car designer Issigonis, bouncing bomb designer Wallis, and author H.G. Wells.
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  7. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Yes, I see what you mean. It's not well-known in general by most people. Actually, I also found out about it from this forum! However, I would think that if it's good quality, people who matter (professionals in the business) should know. Or maybe not?:confused:

    Anyway, I think I will give it a try. At the moment the only pluses for UoL are its name and the fact that the exams are one hour long... which seems less scary.
  8. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    In general, that is true. It was the reason I was adminited into my PhD program at UF, and they applied 30 credits from the EBS MBA towards my PhD program.

    At the same, I've had HR "professionals" ask me: "Scotland, do they speak English there?"
  9. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    I hope you replied with "Speir nae questions an ye'll be telt nae lees" ;)
  10. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Translation, please.
  11. friartuck

    friartuck New Member

    According to my Collins Gem Scots Dictionary it means "Ask no questions you'll be told no lied."

    Ted yoo're a smart loon, aam surprised ye dinnae ken 'at...
  12. Rain

    Rain New Member

    And finally a decision has been made...!and now I can call myself a distance learner...:D

    I've just purchased my first course for Heriot-Watt's MSc in Human Resource Management.

    The sad thing is that there don't seem to be many people doing this course, the university's forum is quite empty, so I feel a bit lonely...

    But anyway, I'll give it a try with only one course first and see if I have what it takes in terms of discipline and IQ to manage these notoriously difficult exams.
  13. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    You should try out the Watercooler. It is the "unofficial" website run by current and former students. It is usually much more active than the EBS official forums. Go to the Delphi forums from EBS Watercooler .

    Best of luck!
  14. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Thanks for the link!

    Lots of interesting stuff there, although still not much connected to the Msc, as most people are doing the MBA.

    By "official forums" do you mean the ones you get access to through the course website, where you post questions for he faculty?
  15. B.N.

    B.N. Member


    Yes, the official forums are found via the course website.

    Good luck on your new project! :)

    My first course was Organizational Behavior and it was very interesting. It takes 6-8 weeks until the results come in so I'm still waiting to see how I did. The course material is very concise and includes information from many different resources.

    I started preparing Economics for this December but the exam dates are right around the due date of our second child so I've decided to postpone that until next June because Economics is not inclued in the minor diets ... stupid! Looks like I'll order Marketing for next March.

  16. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Thanks for the good wishes!

    I've already started reading my course and so far it's quite interesting. I plan to take OB at some point as well (for the MSc it's an elective).

    Ohooo Brandon second child + Economics sounds like you're in for an exciting time... good luck!
  17. Steph286

    Steph286 New Member

    Hi Rain,
    Not sure if you will still see this because you posted almost a year ago.

    I wanted to get any feedback you have on the EBS MSc Human Resources Mgmt program. I know you had just started when you last posted.

    I have been researching this program and similar ones as I am looking to start studying in the coming months. I was sold on EBS until I noticed on its website that only 5 people completed this degree since it's beginning in 2006. This concerned me a little. I know most people opt for the MBA, but I want to specialise in Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour.

    Have you taken any exams? Was the material provided helpful? What have you liked, disliked about the program thus far? Any feedback from you or others is appreciated.
  18. I have analysed this one to death in my own planning. I was accepted to U of L in 2001, but was talked into a free PhD at Tilburg UNiversity (GAAP) by a Prof who had been an external examiner at U of L for 10 years. I was ready to go again to U of L after completing my PhD but decided that an MBA in Change Leadership at City University of Seattle would land me more opportunities than an Org Psych MS. I also teach counseling psychology for CityU in Canada, so I get free courses as tax benefits. With an Org Psych MS one usually gets to work in some capacity in HR. In the UK the U of L degree qualifies you as a graduate psychologist (more work required though for full charter). Heriot Watt students are full of team spirit and very helpful to each other. Go check out the "Water Cooler" discussion group; I took 2 MBA courses there. With an MBA I think you have more opportunities unless you are planning to get a doctorate eventually for the purpose of licensing in psychology. Then you can also tap into funding sources other than the client.
  19. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Readers take note: Earon was a fantastic contributor to DL fora. It is wonderful to see him post again.
  20. Nice to hear from you, Rich.
    Now if I only knew how to update my signature.

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