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    When homeschool parents chat, one of the first things they "compare" is their homeschooling style. Classical/traditional, eclectic, or unschooling? (there are lots of sub-categories and of course, the denomination within the category is important. I've always found it curious that a mindset that steps outside the box would be so quick to join another box...)
    Unschooling was one of the initial hippy movements - a complete revolt against all things school, doing school at home, and the establishment. It was first, and it's s still a thing - but with the growth of homeschooling, I think you'll see this philosophy represent a smaller percentage of the whole NOW whereas it used to be bigger.
    If someone wants to read a really great book, look for Homeschooling for Excellence by the Colfax family. They were unschooling homesteaders whose kids went Ivy including lots of graduate degrees in there.
    I wanted to add (since I only just now watched the video lol) I have a good homeschooling friend with 5 adopted children on the autism spectrum and/or a host of other challenges. She doesn't unschool, however, knowing what I know about her family and her amazing kids- those parents are outliers.

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