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    It seems similar to CSU-DH's program. However, the Wyoming MBA is $6,000 more expensive than Cal State.

    What one might have going for them at Wyoming, for the extra 6K, is that they is not known now as a distance school in the MBA market. However, Wyoming's MBA is AACSB vs CSUDH's which is ACBSP. ACBSP is less prestigious, in my opinion, than AACSB.

    The other thing I know about Wyoming is that we(BYU) used to kick their tail all the time in sports. :)

    Someone posted on the forum that AACSB schools were supposed to require the GMAT, or other standardized test for admission. If this is the case then either Wyoming is slipping or AACSB is.

  3. Rivers

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    This is the first I have seen about Wyoming's EMBA program. $540 per credit hour is a bit more than some AACSB programs (for example Texas A&M Commerce which also will waive the GMAT if you have a high enough GPA), but not as much as many others.
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    Re: Re: University of Wyoming EMBA

    I don't remember ever reading about the GMAT requirement in the AACSB accreditation standards, but I haven't gone through every nook and cranny. But I think there are certain exceptions to it, even if it is a rule.

    Example: AACSB-accredited UMass waives the GMAT if you have any sort of doctorate, and has been for some time (they market their online MBA heavily to practicing physicians, who make up a substantial percentage of their online MBA students; with their schedules, fat chance of getting one of them to sit down and study for the GMAT and then run off to to some testing center to take it alongside a bunch of twenty-somethings).
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    Re: Re: Re: University of Wyoming EMBA

    Here's the exact comment from Rivers that I remembered. I don't know if this is correct, though.


  6. JoePan

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    I have not heard of this program until now. It looks good to me. I am about to finish up my BSBM from UOP right now and am looking for a good MBA program.

    Due to my disability I can not take the GMAT so I am looking for an AACSB school with no GMAT. So far I have some up with Texas A&M - Commerce and now this UWYO.

    I have a few questions if anyone can answer that would be great.

    Has anyone been through this program and if so please provide feedback for me as to if you liked the program, teachers, layout etc.?

    Does the term "EMBA" differ from "MBA" and is EMBA what shows on the diploma?

    Does anyone have any input as to which program may be better between my 2 choices so far?

    And is there any other AACSB schools out there with fully online MBA programs without GMAT and are RA?

    Thanks everyone!
  7. Rivers

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: University of Wyoming EMBA

    My quote is correct, in that I still know of no AACSB school that does not require the GMAT for admission of at least a portion of it's students. Although if some one could show me an AACSB accrediated B-school that doesn't require it, I'd love to hear about it! UWyoming is no exception. Although I must say I have not seen it in the AACSB accrediation manual.

    University of Wyoming's MBA Admission Requirements:(they are different from the EMBA)

    Admission Requirements

    Applicants to the Master of Business Administration Program must submit the following materials by Feb. 1:

    * Graduate School Application (
    * $50 fee for Graduate School Application
    * MBA Program Application (

    Official Transcripts from each Institution Attended

    One copy of each for the Graduate School

    One copy of each for the MBA Program Office

    * Official GMAT Test Scores
    * Official TOEFL Test Scores (if applicable)
    * Three Letters of Recommendation (

    Joe generally an Excutive or EMBA will show as that on a diploma and transcripts.

    Whether an EMBA or MBA degree makes a difference will depend on your goals and why you are getting the degree.

    As far as a recommended program Joe that too depends on what you want out of your degree.
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  8. JoePan

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    Ok I called the school just a little bit ago and have found out a few things.

    First of all you do not need a GMAT score for their online program.

    Second the EMBA does not show on the transcripts or diploma it just say's Masters of Business Admin. (They use EMBA as a tool for marketing to working adults that it she explained). The degree says nothing about online learning it is the same as the B&M degree.

    Third, the program is AACSB.

    Fourth you can only take the program as it is outlined i.e. it only starts each fall and goes for 2 years to complete. You can not start in the Spring Semester.

    Excert Email from admissions for the online program:

    • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
    • Three years of professional business experience.
    • Three letters of recommendation, preferably from superiors or co-workers where appropriate.
    • Detailed resume.
    • There is not a minimum undergraduate grade point average (GPA) requirement; however GPA may be a consideration for admission. Students completing prerequisite courses in anticipation of entering the Executive MBA program must earn at least a grade of ‘B’ in these classes.
    • The GMAT is not required; however it may be a consideration for admission if the applicant chooses to take the exam.
    • Attainment of these requirements does not guarantee admission.

    Hope this helps everyone! Seems like a good deal I see a few drawbacks. One is that it takes the 2 full years to complete as opposed to a program like Texas A&M Commerce that I think you can finish in about 113-15 months. Also, the only being able to start the program in the Fall Semester kind of stinks.

    Other then that seems like a great school. I will have to weigh out everything in my choice.
  9. bing

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    Rivers brings up an interesting tidbit of information. Would this mean that the Wyoming EMBA is not AACSB accredited then? I think the school gets accredited rather than the degree in the b-school. Right?

    If the school is accredited then an EMBA is equal to the MBA. But again, we find that the standards seem to drop in an on-line environment for that e-buck.

    Wyoming is smart to jump in on the Indian 3 year degree train. With the tech train drying out a bit more these days, and going to an even cheaper China, I have noticed a trend in my city for Indians to start taking the MBA rather than advanced study in engineering or IT.
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    No GMAT, no minimum GPA ,only 30 credits and AACSB. Marketed as an EMBA but you degree says MBA.

  11. Rivers

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    You are right the school of business is accrediated therefore the degree is accrediated by AACSB.

    WOW! Joe very interesting information! It's even better if the EMBA dioesn't show on transcripts or Diploma.
  12. Ted Heiks

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    Actually, Bing, the AACSB accredits only associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees, but NOT doctoral degrees. So I would think that this means that AACSB accredits individual degree programs and not entire schools.
  13. JoePan

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    Ted that is a good point I think you may be right. That seems like a logical reason why there are so many different programs out there with different layouts and designs. Good Point!
  14. bing

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    I looked at the AACSB website and it looks like they do accredit the programs rather than the school. So, this EMBA is gold. Maybe not 24kt but 18kt. I give the on-line an 18kt due to them dropping the GMAT admission standard in order to cash in on the h-1b/j-1/l-1 crowd.


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