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    I haven't looked into it recently but the U of W has slowly been disolving into a collection of it's former constituent parts. I believe that all the schools are still in existence and operating (Cardiff, Swansea, Lampeter, Bangor, etc.) but they're just not formally connected into a "University of Wales system. Under the circumstances it's probably a good thing.
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    The University of Wales was caught up in a scandal in which degrees validated by external colleges or overseas colleges were gotten by cheating. The U of W has been the center of concerns about quality management for its validated degrees. U of W Trinity St. David is now awarding degress unders it original 200 year old Chaarter and has taken over many of the assets of the U of wales. It may be validating thise degrees.
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    I wonder if that had anything to do with the California BPPVE questioning the University of Wales Ph.D. held by one of the academic deans at Columbia Pacific University?
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    Just an update. The joint Tsinghua-Wales MBA in China is now validated by Bangor University.

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